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Russia Refuses To Give Up Trojan Treasure

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A legendary collection of gold objects from ancient Troy that was seized by Soviet troops in Berlin in 1945 should become Russian government property, a top cultural official said in an interview published on Saturday.


Anatoly Vilkov, deputy chief of the Russian agency that preserves the nation's cultural legacy, stopped short of ruling out the possibility the objects could return under certain conditions.


The gold collection - named after Hermann Schliemann, the amateur German archaeologist who excavated it - will be made Russian federal property after it is inventoried, Vilkov said, according to Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper. The gold then could be exhibited in Germany....


Full Article @ IOL

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This gold collection of Schliemann has been exposed as a constant exposition in a museum of the Fine arts in Moscow. I saw it. The collection is valid unique, all exhibits in a fine condition. Basically it is gold ornaments and the weapon. However, the origin of a collection is disputable. There is an assumption, that a part of gold ornaments are found in the other place. Those exhibits which do not cause doubts in their Trojan origin, belong by earlier period of existence of Troy and cannot be " Priamus treasure ". But some things (jade knifes) concern to later period (3-4 century B.C.). Certainly, this my subjective opinion. Schliemann has incorrectly carried out excavation, having destroyed that layer which all interested.

, certainly, it is necessary to look at this collection.

P.S. I do not recommend to refer to newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets in the future. This newspaper has very weak reputation. It prints hearsays.

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