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Hating my job

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Studying Roman history

Spending time thinking about/being with my kids

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I like extremal sports: a mountain bicycle and gliding. I have younger brother (10 years), he is the talented racer. I accompany him at competitions and trainings. His career - is my hobby too. I carry the responsibility for him and I want, that he has achieved many things in his life.

Classical music. Painting. And.. the ROMAN HISTORY!!!

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Well, I don't think I have actual " hobbies ", more " interests " or possibly " obsessions ".

Hobbies will do though, here they are:

First the big 3



I read mostly history either popular or the more harcore stuff, biographies and travel books.

I rarely read fiction, if I do its generally only if its truly unmissable.

I have a system where I keep 3 books on the go at the same time so I can pick a different one up depending on my mood.

I have just finished " Hawkwood " by Frances Stonor Saunders a biography of the 14thC English mercenary.

" Command of the Ocean " by N.A.M. Rodger, an exhaustive history of British sea power from the 17th to 19thC and " Hokkaido Highway Blues " by Will Ferguson, a hillarious and perceptive travel book about Japan.

I got lucky, all three turned out to be excellent.

I'm about to start with " In Siberia " by Colin Thubron, " Courtesans and Fishcakes " by James Davidson and " Guns, Germs and Steel " by Jared Diamond. One of these will probably lose its place to " Catch 22 " though, which I feel like reading for the 1,000th time :lol:


Music and Music Production:

I listen to music of pretty much any style, as long as its got soul. My favourites would include Pink Floyd, Toots and the Maytals, early Black Sabbath, Lee Perry, Chopin, Autopsy, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Squarepusher and assorted alternative Hip Hop. I also write rap lyrics, and make/produce various styles of music.



I'm a football fanatic. I am a third generation Arsenal fan so I live and die with every kick of a ball at Highbury. I rarely make it over to games, which is probably a good thing as I almost have a heart attack when I do go. I've played for my local team since I was a kid and I am in my completely unbiased opinion the finest player on the planet. Well , maybe not that good but any ambitions I may have had for playing at a higher level dissappeared when I was 13 and like a lot of other kids decided that booze and girls were more interesting to me at the time.


Apart from that my interests are:

Hanging out with the boys.


The Ladies ( trying to fathom them out that is ).

Watching and playing a variety of sports.

The consumption of mind-bending chemicals ( retired ).

Bullying bullys

Model making occasionally

Speculating on politics, physics, philosophy and lots of other stuff that probably starts with p.

Puzzle Games.


Intelligent conversation, when I can find it.


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