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Such thing as Labor Historians?

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I got tricked into carrying a massive load of old documents and movies from a basement TWO stories down to a giant UHaul, and dropping it off at the museum today....all stuff from the 1945 to the mid nineties..... any other self respecting society would of junked that crap..... but oh no..... we had to save every last archaic roll of film, every file, every giant negative. Apparently all the korean war film not used ended up being used by the mill, cause I just carried a million bagillion roles of it, of every size.



I heard once some professor was deeply amazed by some ancient employee bulletin was found a few years ago...... I just carried like..... all of them.



Issue is, outside of letting the state archives make copies of the videos (heavy focus on training to deal with drunk employees), I can't see anyone having the slightest interest in most of this crap. 



I see in the next two hundred years, a total of 3 historians interested in checking this collection out. But that is only if they know it exists.



Alot of random bull...... pictures of former CEOs in multiple bad positions, trying to get their look just right.  Weird stuff. 


One of the guys moving the stuff kept puzzling over it. Either he or I (or both) are destined in a few decades to be president of the museum.... we were pretty much moving it in to be ignored till our eventual tenure, where it is likely to be ignored or trashed.


What sub branch of history specializes in this sort of stuff? Do they have a official name?  I want to advertise we have this stuff to them, but don't want to deal with a bunch of old commies reading weird Gilius Class theories of labor or environmental sexuality or something weird like that.... I'm looking for a mainstream class of specialist historian.... don't know if such a thing exists. Anyone heard of such people?

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There is such a thing as labour history. There is also a discipline called industrial relations, which is a shared field between history, sociology, law and economy. Theoretically there are many figures who'd be interested on your material, granted that it is a meaningful one.

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