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Untouched Tomb Hidden Inside King Tut's Tomb?

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I remember hearing there was something odd about the wall as a child, so am surprised it took this long. Who knows, maybe in another 25 years someone may be allowed to enter into it. I can't imagine more ideal surroundings for a dig as far as the Valley of the Kings excavating goes.... you don't gave to dig through mounds of dirt.... it has every bit if dust one could desire removed already gone. Roads and plenty of parking, sure there is bound to be hotels and a soda machine close by.


My only concern is that, over the last century, countless tour groups have been inside. I don't know how good of a seal this was. Might be solid looking at the surfacs, but when you crack it open, its molded all through.


I recommend, if it indeed another tomb, to pay really close attention to the walls on the interior walls, you don't want to overlook yet another tomb that won't be seen for another hundred years.

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This sounds completely awesome.  I hope it is true!

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