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I've been writing

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I've not been on here for ages but I have two books self published on Amazon for which I owe UNRV forum a great debt of gratitude. 


They are just aimed at kids although lots of adults have said they are a fun short read for any age. 

Caroline Lawrence has reviewed the first on Amazon and gave it four stars; which will do me, coming from such a renowned author.


Time Tunnel to Londinium and Londinium Revisisted could not have been realised without help from this forum and from the Latin discussion forum that I used. 


I'm not a bestselling author or anything, but I did manage to get into double figures one day this month. 


The books are on Kindle for 99p (99c) 
Kindle downloads can also be read on laptops/PCs and most smartphones and tablets.


I also have another book which is finished, save for proofreading and editing. 

This is a rather older age group full novel. Fair bit of violence and, probably the sequel will also contain much allusion to sex. 
Children of the Wise Oak is a fantasy laid over a real historical setting. Set in 80s BC Europe, Celtic British adolescents travel through Gaul and eventually to Rome 
Armed with magical powers but forced to avoid using those powers openly, they get a taste of the real might of Rome and of what may be to come. 

Should anyone be curious enough to read it, they can do so here Children of the Wise Oak on Inkshares 

Hope this isn't all just too self self self. 


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My book "Children of the Wise Oak" which is a fantasy set in the real historical context of Celtic Britain, Gaul, and Republican Rome (86-84BC) is now finished and the launch is 1st July for all digital formats. 
Once again, I give credit to unrv.com forum for help with historical details


While it is not intended to be a scholarly work I have tried really hard to avoid being the sort of writer about whom historians sigh at the mere mention of their name. 


If anyone wants to check it out, the Kindle edition is myBook.to/CotWO $3.99 / £3.00
It is on Smashwords too which distributes it to everywhere else. 


You can read it for FREE on Kindle unlimited, also you should be able to read the first few chapters on all formats, and if anyone is willing to promise a review on Goodreads or Amazon in exchange for a free digital copy I am willing to send it to your email, in your preferred format. 

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