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The XI Claudia Legion

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I set out to write the Legionary series to indulge in Late Antiquity. It's been an incredible journey and I often find that writing about the past serves as a 'time machine' of sorts. The experience has given me so much. And so I thought it was about time I gave something back. So I've turned the spotlight on the famous old legion at the heart of the saga - Legio Undecima Claudia Pia Fidelis, or the XI Claudia - to explore their past and highlight just how much they went through before the few years I have had the pleasure of marching with them…

If anyone has any theories or thoughts re. the eventual fate of the XI Claudia (phased into the Byzantine themes, destroyed or disbanded, maybe?), I'd be keen to hear them.



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I can't find any solid info on this but I have a thought. We know that the XI Claudia was sending out vexillations to other parts of the empire during the mid to late imperial era. A vexillation is a non standard formation size and it's thought that many of these sent by various legions to pursue Roman military objectives never returned to the home unit. Nothing dramatic I'm afraid, it's just that as the empire wore on paying troops was getting hardr. many went without pay at all, either being rewarded by alternatives such as land or finding themselves civilian jobs. So I kind of wonder if the XI Claudia evaporated over time, troops settling in on their new territories, or simply going civilian since nobody seemed to care.

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