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Marketplace Forum Rules

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This forum will present a collection of Roman related products available for sale through various mediums (though online would obviously be the preferred choice here).


While the guidelines that exist throughout this discussion board still apply, there are others that are really only appropriate in this particular category.


1. This forum will be closely moderated for product content and inclusion is arbitary to the moderators of this site. If we are uncomfortable with an advertisement for any reason (be it type of product or method of advertisement) we will delete the post without warning.


2. Only those products which are directly related to Rome and/or the ancient world will be allowed.


3. Post a product or source site only once. Repeat topics will be deleted. Bumping of old threads to the top is allowed, provided the bump includes an attempt to add relevant content to the site. Be reasonable with bumps. Over zealous bump posts will be deleted and may result in deletion of the entire thread.


4. Site members will be able to use these threads to not only discuss the products for sale but the reliability of the vendors in question. UNRV.COM MAKES NO CLAIM REGARDING VENDOR/PRODUCT RELIABILITY UNLESS A SITE ADMIN OTHERWISE SAYS SO.


5. Site members who purchase products via the marketplace should be aware that UNRV.COM MAKES NO CLAIM REGARDING VENDOR/PRODUCT RELIABILITY UNLESS A SITE ADMIN OTHERWISE SAYS SO.


6. Discussion of books or software products such as 'Rome Total War' and 'Legion: Arena' should take place in the Roman Media forum. These sort of products also receive attention in the Roman Books/Games/Movies section of the main site and do not generally need additional exposure. Additionally UNRV.com receives a very modest commission, to help offset site fees, from the sale of books through Amazon.com. Because of this arrangment, products available through Amazon.com receive preferential treatment and other unaffiliated 'book store' links may not be welcome in this forum.

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