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Well I've done it again

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I've gone and created another blog. This is blog #8...my friends all think I've totally lost it.


I guess I truly am a blogger at heart. Plus, wordpress is entirely too much fun.


So without further ado, I give you: Tranquil Mayhem.


I posted a recipe for an awesome (and awesomely simple) hair/body/lip balm. I love this stuff. I'm currently ordering supplies to make even more. :D


I'm doing alright, today. Actually had a good day...it's the first day in at least a week that I've actually been able to relax, at least some what. Lately I have been literally incapable of relaxing, which really sucks. Anxiety is evil and vicious. I have my next appointment with the therapist on the 18th...my appointment got moved back due to scheduling difficulties.

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Well done! I'd give you a cookie, but anagrams are healthier. Have an anagram alias:


Tammy Harlequin

= Tranquil Mayhem




-- Nephele

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