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  1. Lost_Warrior


    One of my favorite TV shows!!!!!
  2. Lost_Warrior

    Bad Romans

    LOL! Only you Viggen.
  3. Lost_Warrior

    A question about Roman rings.

    I'm lucky enough to have one of those rings! Fascinating link!
  4. Lost_Warrior


    I don't know, but she's beautiful!!!
  5. Lost_Warrior

    Space Nazis

    Wow....the soundtrack is awesome, so is the imagery. Actually that looks seriously cool. Of course, I immediately thought of this... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_jLnrUXJNM
  6. Lost_Warrior

    Birthday Hails Lost Warrior

    Thanks guys!!! Looks like we're finally getting a break in the snow, lol I wound up off work today because of the snow.
  7. Roman Coin on Fail Blog Why am I not surprised? Those pesky Romans...No morals. Sheesh. I knew there was a reason I liked 'em.
  8. Lost_Warrior

    I miss ya'll

    Hey Pan!!! Glad to see you're still alive and kicking!
  9. Lost_Warrior

    The "barbarization" of the Roman army.

    It would only make sense that, as the empire grew, the army began to include members of conquered races. I think that a bigger problem was likely the breakdown of the leadership of Rome as a whole- leading to less effective management and leadership of the legions and therefore allowing for a weakening of defense and inevitable breakdown of the legions and eventually, the empire.
  10. Lost_Warrior

    Big problems with my account

    I believe, though I'm not positive, that post counting is turned off in the "off topic" forums? Or am I thinking of a different board?
  11. ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would use the name Lucia. I just like the name.
  12. Lost_Warrior

    Roman Webcomic

    That's awesome!!! I'll have to go back through and read to catch up, lol.
  13. Lost_Warrior

    Left Handed Roman Legionaries?

    I've never heard of specific units of left- handed soldiers. I wouldn't think that the numbers of Lefty's would be great enough to warrant such an endeavor, and even if they did, I don't think it would be of much use. OT to Nephele: LOVE your new banner!
  14. Lost_Warrior

    Crow on Fence Portends Apocalypse

    ROTFLMFAO!!!!! Also, I don't think that photo is of a crow, but a raven.
  15. Lost_Warrior

    Texting Teen Falls into Manhole

    LOL!!!!!! Although I must say I can see this happening to anyone, texting or not. Maybe I'm just especially clumsy, but I can see it happening if you don't happen to be looking at the ground while you're walking.