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Meaning of Life

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...is there one?

...has anyone figured it already out?


In the meantime i go with Peter Ustinov, who once said...

The point of living and of being an optimist, is to be foolish enough to believe the best is yet to come.

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Evolutionists seem to feel it is to reproduce before you die. Many modern religious people seem to think it is to become a good person before you die. So if you have both reproduced and are "a good person" I guess you're set!



(No, I can't begin to answer this questions seriously).

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Meaning of life? Does that mean the purpose of all life? Or my personal existential rationalization? There is no answer for the first and the second is something I can't explain and if I could, would only make sense to myself. Its whatever I make of it.

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What do you have wikipedia and youtube for if not for finding out the meaning of life ?


Of course if you go to wikipedia, you'll never come home again, so here is

Monty Python's view on the question.


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The Meaning of Life?


We all have different values and ambitions, so I guess the meaning of life varies from person to person. If you need to address that question, then perhaps your life is lacking?


Firstly, never forget what you are. Human beings, despite two thousand years of christian culture to the contrary, are social animals. Almost everything we do is an extension of instinct. There's no need to be ashamed of this connection. To regard ourselves as 'special' is arrogance, nothing more. After all, is not the natural world something special? The conditions for life seem to somewhat rare in our universe, so treasure it in it's entirety.


Some people see religion as an answer. I have my own beliefs for sure, but surrendering to an organisation that wants to dictate my behaviour seems to me less than desirable. It isn't about what you believe, but what you do. How you treat others is more important. truth is after all in the eye of the beholder as much as beauty.


The japanese used to say that a mans fate is a mans fate, and life but an illusion. They recognised the fletting impermanence of our existence and accepted it. I might not quite go that far, but I do say that fate is the sum of all decisions and natural forces. You can decide what you wish to do - you must accept that others may decide differently. Do you accept the world as is or do you strive to change it? It's your choice.

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