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Viene Su

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12 hours from now. 12 hours from right now, the plane'll be taxing the runway at San Francisco International Airport, on its way to Zurich. Then a 90 minute layover, and onto Roma.


Holy crap. I'm finally going 'home'.


Ok, let's be clear...I've never been to Italy. Not only is this my first trip there, my mother's family hasn't been back there since we left 100 years ago--with the sole exception of my great-uncle and his wife going back in the mid-80s. My parents are there for a month, and I'll be there for 2 weeks. I am completely and totally geeked.


I told myself yesterday that there was no need to be nervous. I even blogged it here. And yet...after writing that, my stomach's been in a bit of a twist, and I've been a bit jumpier compared to usual. I had a doctor's appointment yesterday (all's well, thanks), but they noted that my usual and steady 120/70 had jumped to 140/93...I know it's the trip and this combination of anxiety, excitement, and thrills. Actually, my neighbor said I was restrained...not in the positive way, but the 'I have to hold back, or else I'll explode with a ball of energy' kind of way.


The cable has been out since Friday--the landlord forgot to pay the bill, and for whatever reason it's still out--so I've been listening to a lot of music and watching DVDs at night. Lots of calming music...Brazilian samba for the most part, but I did end up switching to a little Afro-Cuban in the afternoon. Last night's movie (Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels) ended a bit late, but I figured that would be a good thing. Stay up a bit later, maybe get more tired, and then I'll for sure sleep well.


Nope...I was still tossing and turning all night, a bundle of nerves just ready to go run across the Atlantic Ocean for the motherland. I was up by 6am (instead of the planned 7am), and I've been slow-moving. Purposely, by the way. I've got an extremely long day today. 14 hours of flying, 9 hours time change, and, well, I lose 24 hours total. Ma vado a Italia!!!!


So, with luck, I'll be blogging from Italy over the next couple of weeks. Tons of pictures; I plan on hitting the Forum (the one in ruins, not just the one online) on Friday or Saturday, and will take pictures from Tuscany, as well. Hopefully we get to go to Lombardy and find some cousins...we shall see. Either way, Lady Fortuna hopefully will be by my side, the gods will be favoring me. Mercury, please bestow luck on me during my travels. And dear Juno, I have no quarrel with you, so please don't treat me like you did Aeneas and his crew.



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