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Three Coins In A Fountain (?)

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Well, I'm here, it's really day 2 for me in the Eternal City. Yesterday was spent at the heart of Ancient Rome, so to speak: the Palantine Hill ruins, including the Forum and Trajan's Market, the Capolitine, and all that I could get. I took almost 200 pictures yesterday...not bad. I'm definitely doing this on the cheap, so sadly no museums...I have to save most of my money for Tuscany, which starts tomorrow.


Today I'm off to the Vatican and the Pantheon...must really get my religious aspect in :)


I will write more later, when I'm not on a time limit, but I really wanted to mention here...I'm in awe. I was writing in my journal whilst sitting in the area of the Palantine of Severus' baths, and couldn't get over the fact that I was finally seeing what I had been literally studying all my life. I can't wait for my dad to get here--my parents are here after their time in Tuscany--so that later he and I can swap thoughts on the magic that is Rome.


Ok, just a quickie...like I said, I'll write more probably when I get back to the States. I should be able to check in either tomorrow or the day after. Ci vediamo, tutti!

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