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Arrivaderci, Roma

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Yes, it's time to say...seeyas later. Yes, of course, I'm flying out here on the 24th, but I won't be back for sightseeing purposes for a while. The extremely small taste of this Eternal City has forever changed me...I'm in awe of the mix of modern, slightly modern, kinda old, really old, and ancient.


Yesterday's giratina saw me start at the Pantheon. When outside, I marvelled at how it has stood up over time, especially compared to the Area Sacra--where my bus dropped me off. The Area Sacra, incidently, didn't feel very sacra...no tingle of amazement, no feeling that this was somehow an important place. But the Pantheon...well, that was impressive. Then I went inside...and it's been taken over by the Church, complete with frescoes and the burrials of two Italian kings and Rafaele himself. It's impressive, despite it's lack of Roman artifacts inside. The walls are definintively ancient, and you can sense that.


Then onto the Vatican. I really only had time to enter St. Peter's and climb to the cuppola. Holy sh*t. I mean that in every way possible. The climb to the top is kinda harsh...the elevator only takes you half way up, and the rest of the way you have a very closed in, very windy staircase. But when you get to the top, you can see half of Rome...a-fricking-mazing. The way down...let's admit it, I have a fear of going down stairs, particularly windy, steep and small stairs. So, slowly, and with much praying and breathing reminders, I made it down, and into...St. Peter's. What an entry! I was truly in awe...yes, yes, it's the seat of not just a major religion, but the one I technically belong to, but this cynic couldn't help but be in awe. If you only have time for one, go to the Church. This is what I was told, and I gladly pass that advice along.


Today, it's so-long to Rome, and onto Tuscany. No idea when I'll have a chance to log in again, but I'll find a way. Ciao!

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