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Well, one massive undertaking has been finished. I just went through all of the pictures I took in Rome. 3 days (well, 2 1/2 really), and over 500 pictures. Yikes. Ya think I was camera happy?


In all honesty, I did a lot in those 3 days. And, yes, I do wish I had more time to truly explore the museums, the hidden gems and the real essence of the Eternal City, I know that I made the most of my time there. (And, yes, I'm jealous of my parents, who tomorrow return home after a full week in Rome. Hah!) And I think part of what was behind the taking of so many pictures was that I was amazed, awe struck, and floored by what I saw. As I wrote earlier, Rome holds a very soft spot in my heart. Actually, Rome isn't just a place for me; it's an archive of learning, pondering, and wonderment. My father instilled a love of history in me, and this love has been nurtured for my entire 35 years. While he enjoys more of the Renaissance historical aspect of Italy, for me it's the entire palate--if you don't understand and enjoy the ancient cultures and peoples, then you cannot hope to understand the importance and significance of both the Medieval and Renaissance histories of Italy, and by extension all of Europe.


There is no question that walking through the Palantine and the Forum were breathtaking...literally. I caught myself sucking in air a couple of times, usually as I walked upon some place or a monument that I had only seen in books and on film...but here it was, right in front of me. There's a picture of me sitting on a brick element in Septimus Severus' baths--maybe it was originally a bench, but my gut tells me it was a wall--where I'm seen writing in my journal. I wanted that picture taken on purpose...yes I was writing in my journal, and I sat there for a good 10 minutes, trying to soak in what I could. I was sitting in an ancient palace, overlooking the Circus Maximus, on a glorious June morning, trying to get a sense of what life would have been like right there. What would one hear? What could one smell? Where would this corridor really take me? It was difficult, and yet it wasn't.


Here's the link to the pictures; it's on PhotoBucket, which should be easy for everyone to see. Some of the pictures are pretty good--comments from my dad, not me--and others are more mundane. I wanted to capture what I could, so that I could remember what caught my eye. Sometimes it was just the brickwork on a building, or the cobblestones forming the street, which explains some of the pictures. Anyway, check them out at your leisure:


Click here--Note that the sub-folders are on the left sidebar: Santa Maria Maggiore, Pantheon, Palantine Forum and Capitoline, and Vatican.


Next up is the Tuscany pictures, which will take a considerable amount of time to do, as there are quite a bit more of those. I somewhat want to wait to get my tourbook back from my parents, since there were notes in there that I took to help me with the pictures. On the other hand, I can get started now I suppose. Or tomorrow. Whichever works.

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No problem! Now that I have finished your paper, I'll be working on the Tuscany pictures this afternoon. I'm sure that the Etruscan Museum at Chiusi will be finished today...and then they'll be up on Photobucket.

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