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  1. Klingan

    Total War: Rome II

    And Parthia is out!
  2. Klingan

    Help Us Name the Moons of Pluto!

    Those are excellent suggestions!
  3. He should be around now, I will send him a link to this thread in a PM.
  4. Klingan

    Battle of the Phantoms

    Well, I'd say that there are a lot of problems with the article. 1: The battle of Lysimachia is seldom mentioned in modern literature as one of the more important ones in antiquity, at least as far as I know. Sure it had importance, but it just fades a little compared to the battle of Ipsos (301) or Battle of Corupedium (281). What I'm trying to say here though, is primarily that the importance of the battle of Lysimachia has been somewhat blown up to make the theory more sensational. 2: Justinian is a very late source and should hardly be considered trustworthy in the details - the arguments regarding the sailors and the elephants are therefore very weak in my opinion. Further on:
  5. I am so happy that you guys are doing this and wish that I could help!
  6. Klingan

    Guess the ancient city!

    You've got it, great work! It's a fascinating place and it is promising some very important finds within the next couple of years - my department is excavating there so I'mm let everyone know in good time Your turn!
  7. Klingan

    Identify the Ancient God

    That would be great to know. And doesn't he wear shoes? I'm thinking Hermes
  8. Klingan

    Guess the ancient city!

    Unfortunately not - this place is not connected to a Roman dynasty.
  9. Klingan

    Guess the ancient city!

    Ok, time for a hint! This place has been strongly associated with a dynasty.
  10. Klingan

    Identify the Ancient God

    I'm impressed Auris! It's an excellent identification that sounds completely reasonable to me!
  11. Can someone correct the incorrect entries to that page please? The site should be base on historical facts not fiction!!! Can the Forum administrator forward my reply to relevant people please? Our Admin is unfortunately away at the moment, but I will bring it up with him and I assure you that I do not accept anything that can be proven wrong.
  12. Klingan

    Guess the ancient city!

    I bet Sherlock Holmes is happy that he did not try to investigate run away roman sites cause he would be up for some though competition with you around. You're right again!
  13. Klingan

    Guess the ancient city!

    So far so good!
  14. Klingan

    Guess the ancient city!

    Morgantina was a city in east-central Sicily, built on the Serra Orlando ridge - the modern identification is almost certain. Archaeological remains first appear around the 10th century BC, but Greek pottery and terracottas show up only from around 560 BC. The city, however, soon came under the influence of other cities and it remains under in the Syracusan orbit for most of the 5th c. BC and until the city decided to support Carthage rather than Rome in the second punic war. This was, as we know today, a little bit of a mistake and Morgantina was besieged and taken by M. Claudius Marcellus after which the city was handed over to some of Romes Spanish mercenaries. By the end of the republic the city had lapsed into decay and we hear almost nothing more about it (I cannot help but comparing the fate of Margantine to that of Metaponto which also sided with Carthage). It was most likely completely abandoned by the first century AD. The city is most famous for it's impressive house remains with splendid mosaics. ...but it's not the city we're looking for today and my photo was not taken in Greece!