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I know, I know, I haven't been very active on the blogs lately. No, I haven't fallen off into the deep end. Just that I moved to a new apartment, one right on campus to my main employer. This brand-new construction has had some glitches, including the fact that the powers that be forgot to hook it up to the internet and cable grid. So, it might be another week yet before I have internet at home, or tv for that matter. Mildly annoying, and it doesn't fit in with my plans, but what are you going to do?


Therefore, I am relegated to having to walk across the street with my laptop and hook up to the wifi several times a day. Like I said, mildly annoying. And to be honest, I've been bitching about it to a select group of people, who are like minded. Then it dawned on me yesterday...I need to really let this go. I can't do a thing about it. Patience is a virtue, one that I possess at times. I'll just have to take it for now.


Because, in all truthfulness, there is nothing about this place I don't like. It is damned near perfect. I have a view that I haven't had in years, of the Coastal Range; I see the fog pouring over the hills every night, and retreating back every morning. I walk to work, or have a very short drive for the private groups, so I use less than half of the gas as before. The apartment is twice the size, plus a garage, with brand-new everything, and high-efficiency appliances. It's no joke to say that my living situation has improved 100 fold.


Now it's time for me to run along to class. I'll fill you in later with more, and include some pictures in the gallery.