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Yes, folks, I am now reunited with the virtual world and the television world, and damn does it feel good. Even better, I got my couches today. So in all honesty, I can actually start having people over. What a concept!


In all seriousness, I haven't had a place that I could entertain in since I left Austin in 2005. Living with my parents didn't exactly espouse positive feelings in that aspect. In theory the last apartment could have been wonderful, what with the unit leading to the backyard. The problem, however, was that the place needed so much work that I was too embarrassed to show it to many people. And even then, it was a quick "So, here it is, small and quaint. Thanks for stopping by!"


But now, I have room for many to sit and relax. And next weekend I should get my dinette table in, which will help even more. Pretty soon it'll all be right as rain.


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Hey, Doc's Diner is open at last! Let me check the prices... Let's see... Flight to Los Angeles tomorrow... Return train tickets to London.... I'll need to think of an excuse to explain why I'm late signing on the dole... What the...???


Grabbing a bite to eat at Doc's place is going to cost me

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Actually they are, four or five hundred pounds return trip if I don't mind standing room only on a cheap flight surrounded by eastern europeans and their chickens. The cost to LAX was because I was booking on bank holiday.

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