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The Thanksgiving Song



Wow, didn't realize how lax I had become in my blogging duties. But times have become quite busy in the morning lately, what with work and new routines. I do wish I could be of a mind to do this in the evening, when I'm relaxing, but sadly it escapes my mind. How odd, as I'm usually doing so many other things at night which are equally as taxing. Oh well, I promise to myself that I'll check in more frequently.


At any rate, this by far is my favorite holiday, and not just because of the dinner. No, it's one that actually still means something, one that doesn't require a religion, rather it is obligatory to have a sense of being grateful for what you have, no matter how much or how little it may be.

In fact, that's how I started my day...cuddling Bella, watching the sunrise, and singing along. Of course, I've now moved on to an alternative mix on my iTunes, but that's neither here nor there.


I'm cooking this year, which is a first in a way. Oh, it's not the first time I've cooked Thanksgiving dinner, as I used to do it--by myself or shared with another friend--when I lived in Texas. But it is the first time I'm cooking this grand dinner for my family, something that has caused me quite a bit of excitement. I know I can cook this one well--honestly, the only 'holiday dinner' that's easier is to cook a ham. But it almost makes me feel like a grown up, the fact that my mom doesn't 'have' to cook it anymore, that we kids (who range from almost 36 :D to 28) can do this, that the torch has officially been passed. (Of course, my mom has already made the announcement that she and Dad are doing Christmas day...but that's another story.)


And the best part of this day is the actual giving of thanks...of recognizing that there really is something great about life, and that we appreciate it. Many of my European friends who come from cultures without such an official holiday find it a refreshing concept, and one that they have included into their lives because of it. I know my Canadian friends already had theirs last month, but to me it doesn't matter when you celebrate this day, it's the act of celebration and gratefulness that is important.


What am I thankful for? Well, if you must know...in no particular order...

  • My family and friends--both those that I see/talk to on a regular basis and those who I don't. And Bella the Kitty is part of this, natch.
  • My job...although it's not as full-time as I would like, at least it's income.
  • My new apartment...seriously. Compared to the dump I lived in the 3 years prior, especially.
  • My students, who teach me something everyday, seemingly.
  • The fact that I am alive, that I walk, talk, breathe, move, think, see, hear, touch, taste and all that--FREELY.

There's something else, something which may seem odd at first, but it is important. I'm thankful that, in this past year, I have loved and lost, that I have healed and moved on, and that I can tell the story. It seems weird to thank my former love for tearing my heart out and stomping on it, but then again I've never been a normal kind of girl. See, I'm thankful that I had the chance...that I had the opportunity and experience to love again, something that I hadn't had for quite some time before that. Also, the fact that I'm thankful that I can tell the story, even the funny bits--especially the funny bits. It's certainly helped my writing a lot :)


So, to you and yours, regardless of your culture, I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving. May we all continue to be blessed.


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. . . and I'm thankful that I read your very nice blog (it left me feeling quite a bit more cheerful than Lord Caldrail's normally do!)


Happy Thanksgiving, Doc.

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