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If I Had A Million Dollars



Some people read the daily comics in the morning to start their day. I read the horoscopes. 4 of them, mind you...the fact that 4 different 'readers of the stars' have 4 wildly different 'interpretations' of the same stars is hilarious to me. Not to mention what they mention will happen to me today.


The last 4 days one in particular has been predicting that a 'windfall of money' is coming my way. Um, it's been 4 days now, and I haven't exactly seen an extra red cent come my way. Sure, on Friday I got money back from the store, but that's because I returned something. And I hardly think $20 is a windfall. With the exception of the income that I normally receive on the last working day of the month, I don't expect anything else to come in the next couple of days, either.


Now, if I do end up getting some money in the mail, beautiful. I certainly will not look that gift horse in the mouth.


Another one today said that I will face a series of decisions, and that all I need to do is choose the correct one, and not plan any contingencies. Well, I do have to finish my lineup for Fantasy Football...but there really aren't any contingencies to be made. Either I leave my lineup as is, or I switch a player for one on the bench. And I came to my decision a couple of days ago.


Speaking of decisions...do I want to make soup today, or something else? Hmmmmmm...cold weather, the last of the turkey leftovers from Thanksgiving...eh, I'll go sit on the couch and watch some football. I'll leave the deciding to my cat later. She's good at that.


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