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Cienfuegos Tiene Ya Su Guanguanc



Ah...beautiful Cuban son playing in the background...just close your eyes, and you can feel the sun warming you to the core as you sip a mojito...ah...paradise.




Bella! Get off of me! I'm daydreaming in the sun patch on the living room floor! Go get your own sun patch!




Ok, I confess: I'm dreaming of wonderful tropical climes because it's damned cold outside.


Ok, ok, I confess again: I'm a native Californian, and we're weather wusses. What's cold for us is a brisk spring day for most in the Frozen North. I don't wanna hear it. All I know is that, while it may be sunny out, the air temperature *might* be 50'F in the daytime, and the strong northwestern winds are blowing a gale, bringing the relative temps down to 35'F or so. Holy cripes, that's cold.


Normally I would wait until after New Years' Day to take down the Christmas decorations, but somehow I'm done with them already. I don't know, maybe I put them up just a bit too early...Thanksgiving weekend. Regardless, everything came down today, including the lights on the deck. That meant going out there and trying to stay upright as the win did its best to knock me down. I won, in case you were curious. I think I've never been so happy to have my cat lick my nose afterward...she thawed it out, for certain.


But, indoors, that's a different story. I share my cat's predilection of taking an afternoon snooze in the sun, something that I have enjoyed since I was a ni