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Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa



I'm in a right bouncy mood. It's the fact that I'm half Tigger, half Roo, to be sure. There are just certain days that I wake up and feel the need to bounce around all day, playing gaily and freely.


What to do today...what to do today...


Well, there's a pile of work to be done...but seeing as I have an aversion to work on my birthday, well, that's not exactly an option today.


The apartment does need to be cleaned and the laundry done, but that's not much work, so I'll do that. It fits into the schedule, so to speak.


Kinda wanna go for a walk...but kinda wanna be lazy. Maybe a lazy walk?


Hmmmm...what else....what else...I know! I can send out all these Amazon orders that are stacking up! But that is work...and I need to go to the office supply store to get more CD envelopes. Eh, maybe...doesn't have to get done until Tuesday, so there's still time.


Which reminds me...if anyone is interested in a pair of snow spikes for ladies' shoe size 6-10 (American), let me know...an unwanted Christmas gift...actually, an unneeded Christmas gift, since I don't live in a snowy place, nor do I go to such places. They tend to be cold. I'll totally trade...make me an offer I can't refuse.


Well, tonight's plans are set, I know that: best friend coming over with Chinese food, then off to a local saloon for revelries. But what to do with this gloriously sunny morning? Eh, let me dwell further on it...don't rush me...I'm enjoying the day.


Happy New Year to all! May the dawning of 2011 be like the dawning of my 36th year on earth: sunny and full of positive possibilities.


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Happy birthday and a Happy New Year to you, Doc.


By the way, I like the title you chose for this blog entry. A track from one of my favourite albums of all time!


Are you a fan?

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I have become one recently! Vampire Weekend took a bit to grow on me, but now I'm seriously loving them. Great gym music!


Hope you and yours have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2011, GoC.

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