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Little Lion Man



Dammit, Mumford & Sons didn't win at the Grammies. Meh, no accounting for taste, really.


I know, I've been gone a while. Work has been atrocious lately, and the private life has been run topsy-turvy. More details to come at a later point in time.


But I will say this: It's never easy to let someone down, but when you have a floater, well, desperate times call for desperate measures. Why it is that people can't, or perhaps refuse to, understand, I don't know. But if after one or two dates there isn't much there, one needs to walk away, and the other needs to respect that. Alas, at times the best laid plans never quite work out.


Ok, need to get ready for the day. Where did I put my umbrella? It looks like it's going to pour down.


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You'll be pleased to know that Mumford & Sons, walked away with British Album Of The Year for "Sigh No More" at the Brit Awards (our equivalent to the Grammys, I suppose).

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Hi Doc. Glad to see you've un-topsied your private life. As to letting people down, some people do find that easy. It's about their selfishness or respect for for others. Then again, sometimes our own expectations are unrealistic. We sometimes assume things are going great, only to discover how wrong we were. That's the risk you take.


Good grief, I'm getting all serious and philosophical. Talking about commitment is all very well, but the lesson, I think, is to enjoy things for what they are. Our self worth should based on self-respect and personal goals, not the comfort of a carefully constructed world around you. Castles built on sand? Plenty of people do that.


Right, that's enough seriousness. Somewhere, in this wild and woolly town, someone is doing something incredibly stupid and I want to be there to report on it. I lead such a simple life :D

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LOL Thank you, Lord Caldrail, for your perspective! I really do enjoy what's in front of me, and while I'm fairly ambitious in my life, I learned long ago that in the romance world, such ambition is never a good thing. Just roll with the proverbial tide, and make the best of whatever comes your way.


On the other hand, one of my horrorscopes (heh) said that in 3 1/2 months not only will I find love, but it'll be the luckiest time in love for me (and other Capricorns) in 12 years. Thing is, 12 years ago I wasn't lucky in love at all...I was avoiding love, seeing as I was about to move 1800 miles away. So what do they know?


Ah, l'amore...

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