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For Better And Worse

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Today is not a good day. And the subject of my woe? That's an interestng question in itself. It ought to be about my car, the Eunos Cabriolet slowly disintegrating with a little help from a vandal or two. Reason being that it's gone. Vanished. Disappeared.


I mean, did someone ctually bother to steal it? You couldn't just drive it away. But gone it most certainly has, snatched away more or less from under my nose yesterday afternoon.I only realised it was gone late into the evening. I doubt it was stolen to be used. Maybe the alloy wheels paid for a snort of suspicious substances? Who knows?


One has to wonder at the attitude of the police. Frequently they tell us to report crime and be proactive in preventing it, yet the response I get is baffling. Last night, as I attempted to call the local police station, the officer I spoke suggested I investigate the crime myself. He seriiously said that, though I should point out that policemen are notorious in Britain for taking the mick out of the public in this way when it suits them.


"There you are, see?" He prodded me, "You do have lines of enquiry."


Oh? Is that so? Can you imagine how successful I'm going to be at solving the Case of the Missing Eunos? All I'll get is mystified looks and shrugs. So why the self-help course from PC Plod? Was he in a bad mood that night? Am I on some list of people to send on wild goose chases? Was it my own sorry fault for purchasing a slightly sporty car in the first place? Or does standard policy in dealing with worthless dole claimants render us ineligible for receiving the benefits of law enforcement? Goood grief, is this some covert attempt by our local sheriff to run me out of town?


I should be worried. Instead I'm shaking my head.


Tackle The Metal Thieves

Not all bad news it seems. Todays local newspaper tells me that police are determined to catch metal thieves. The theft of metals, including lead, copper pipes and cables, remains a concern throughout the county and can have a significant effect on homeowners, businesses, schools,, places of worship, and public buildings.


Hmmm... Seems not all policemen have been reading their emails.


It'll Get Better

the current catchphrase is regeneration. Everything about Swindon is regeneration these days. backers of all these developments are proudly telling us how great it will be in the future. Except... It won't... Because Swindon still has the same thieves in afterward.

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I know how attached people can get of their vehicles, even if no longer fit to drive you still have a 'relationship' with them, so I am sorry for your loss. :(


When we had a vehicle wrecked in a car accident and were waiting for the claim against the offending driver to get settled we actually had a label fixed to the vehicle from the local council warning it would be removed if not repaired - even though it was off the road in a driveway.


I suppose if that happened in your area some kindly passing soul may have decided it was fun to remove the label. So would it worthwhile contacting the council, just in case, to see if that may have happened?


Then again the thief options does seem highly probable from what you have said about your area - are spares in demand for that make of vehicle?

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I did mention to the policeman that metal theft might have been a motive. He didn't think so. For some time the police have been trying to get me to name my perseuctor regarding what happened to the vehicle over the years. Sorry, but they didn't bother to draw attention to themselves. Thieves prefer to keep things quiet as a rule.

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