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Radio GaGa



Fellow sports fans, have you ever noticed how a radio or television broadcast of a sporting event can be made or broken solely on the skills and prowess of those calling the game?


There's no question that I learned the game of baseball by listening to Giants' broadcasts on KNBR radio, whether I was at the game or at home. Later, yes, our television announcers fell into greatness, but growing up Hank Greenwald called play-by-play on the radio on our games, plus the national games were called on TV by Jack Buck or Vin Scully. These really were (or are, in the case of Vin, who is still calling Dodger games after 60 years with the team in that capacity) the cr


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I totally agree with you, if it wasnt for those great sports commentators in South Africa, i would have never understood the game of Cricket and Rugby that fast, especially cricket where you have plenty of time to talk, those guys really filled me in fast...

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That's kind of an interesting view Doc. For me, sport was always about taking part. Whether I'm stood on the sidelines or sat in front of television, spectating was always a crashing bore for me.


I suppose then I've had little or no time for commentaries on sporting events. Does that necessarily spoil the spectacle?


It is true I can watch motor racing without complaint. It must be something about the internal combustion engine that strikes a chord with my musical sensibilities. Now that racing is likely to turn to electropop instead of heavy metal orchestras I might have to think again!

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doc, have you seen the movie Invictus? (it captures the time the country and the sport very well, its about how South Africa won in 1995 the rugby world cup in their own country,


i was in 1995 during that world cup actually in South Africa watching the game, i had no idea about rugby, it was the first time i ever watched a rugby game i didnt know anything about the rules but i knew it was incredible, i knew it was history in the making, it was one of the most memorbla 2 hours in front of a TV


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