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Only The Good Die Young



Hmmmm...I think I'm ok enough to blog for a bit. Hopefully the doctor doesn't balk...eh, hell with it if he does. It's been too long. :)


June has been an iffy month, oddly enough. Usually there's some major unwind time the first week, followed by a mad dash for cash--be it unemployment insurance (insurance for what? I never did get the name) or a summer job or a series of contracts for various work. And because of the mad flurry of activity at the end of the academic year, that week off usually has me feeling the blahs--not psychologically, but physically. Low energy, perhaps even a cold, and the weather in that early part of June here in NorCal is usually cold-inducing. But life usually rebounds by mid-June, including the weather, and I'm right as rain for a very long time.


Hmmmm...I knew that I had changes in store for me...I just didn't quite expect this.


First week of June...true to form, although the rain wasn't. I mean buckets of the stuff, after a winter and spring that were positively soaked. Odd, but considering I didn't have much energy for anything, and not a lot to do, I could take my time.


Oh, wait...Mom is spending the night so that she can go to a funeral? And then Dad's coming in for a few days to visit and to 'run away from the ranch'? And meetings with colleagues, both old and new, to start various projects? New clients for various enterprises? Meet up with friends? All before I leave on the 11th (rather, the 10th late at night) for a 10-day grading session? Hmmmmm...doesn't leave much time for sleeping, relaxing, and rejuvinating myself. Eh doesn't matter. I can sleep during my downtime. I mean, 10 days of work, accompanied with 10 evenings of relaxing, in Cincinnati? Yeah, I can do that.


Well, sure, I had a wonderful and positive experience in Cincinnati; I graded Advanced Placement exams for Spanish Language, learned a ton about standardized tests (and why I will continue to suck at them), the AP process, and how high school teachers and college professors differ. Met up with friends that I hadn't seen in years, met new ones...I loved it. But 8 hours of sitting and listening to students talk to Juana about calculators, Julio and parties, and then for 2 minutes a piece about how a good breakfast and only 30 minutes of exercise a day can drastically improve their lives...wow, I didn't think it'd be that draining! When we ended at 5 in the evening, I would often eat a small meal, and then chill out in Fountain Square (the central plaza for Cincinnati) or what have you...nothing that required exerting energy. Or, often, go back to the hotel and rest...me waking up at 6:15 every morning killed my energy at the end of the day. But, as the time there went on, I got better at managing everything, and should I be asked back again next year (which I do hope for), I know what to do differently.


So...get back on Father's Day late (and I did call Dad from the airport...which is all he ever really wants on this Hallmark day)...followed by a week of running around regarding new projects, new clients, etc...come Thursday evening, I was completely drained. What is going on? This isn't normal....hmmm....maybe a good workout Friday morning will make things better.


Or make things worse? I don't know...developed a very sore throat on Saturday, which worsened and had not progressed by Tuesday morning. Not to mention there are certain other pains that I hadn't ever encountered before...below the belt...no more detail is necessary, and suffice it to say that there is not a comfortable position to sit/stand/whatever. Doctor chimes in...strep throat and groin issues...ugh, really? I'm seriously feeling HELLA old...like ancient and falling apart. I've never had strep last longer than 36 hours...and this time I couldn't budge it without help from Mr. Amoxicillin. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I **hate** taking medicine and pills...I am built for moving at a constant rate of speed, with a personality for enjoying life. I ain't exactly enjoying life right now, dammit :angry:


And here I am...on my couch (for now), healing. My cat has been my companion...at first she thought I was just sitting a lot because of her, but now after a few days she's gotten the hint that I'm not at my best, so she keeps checking in on me, licks my forehead or my hand (whichever is closer), and frequently brings me a ball or a toy to play with. Ooh, wait, she wants me to play with her....eh, nevermind...I thought for a second I had an enlightened cat. :blink:


(And, yes, clearly I'm feeling better, as I can even joke about this. I'm incredibly blessed that I am a healthy person, who has never been 'out of commission' for more than a day. Forgive the whining, the crabbiness, and the lack of sunshine. Then again, it poured buckets again yesterday here, and today the clouds still linger. Maybe I moved to Seattle and didn't realize it?)


Meh, can't end negatively...positive always works best. Ok...Giants are winning despite injuries...my plants are pretty...my cat is purring while sleeping next to me...yeah, that'll work. Enjoy the rest of the day, everybody!