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As weekends go, this was not a good one. For once monday morning has come as something of a relief (How often do you hear that?). The source of my agony isn't anything to do with the usual gripes. There was no hassle with benefits, noisy neighbours, or things that go bump in the night. It was instead my own fault.


Always cook your food properly. How often have I heard that? Normally I do of course, but the exotic flavoured chicken dish I spotted in the supermarket was too good to miss and perhaps I wasn't all that careful. I mean, we all cut corners don't we? Go on, admit it, you do. Anyway I did and suffered a spot of what might well have been salmonella poisoning. There was quite a nasty fever which has thankfully subsided by now, although I'm still suffering mild diarrhea.


Not only is the experience incredibly uncomfortable, it also renders you exhausted every time you lift a finger. So naturally when my microwave decided not to play anymore I had no choice but to pop down the road to the local domestic hardware store and - gulp - purchase another. It was then I discovered how weakened i was. Microwave ovens aren't hugely heavy as such provided you don't have to carry them seven hundred yards. I made it uphill with three rest stops and under the circumstances consider that an achievement. Now please, just leave me alone - I want to drop into a chair and rest...


A Different Affliction

I read this morning of a tragic case where an online-game obsessed teenager killed a young girl to obtain cash to feed his habit. Immediately there are calls to ban the game and statements that games are bad for you. No, they aren't, it's addiction that's bad for you.


There's a chap I used to work with who's addicted to bingo. Although on a good wage, he never has any money to spend, because he fritters it away on crossing numbers off on a card, hoping that he at last will be the one to shout "House!" and walk away with a few quid.


I honestly confess I'm an avid games player, within certain boundaries. Why not? It passes the time when I'm not busy. Then again, part of my motives for using this software is to add to it. These days it's common to find a cottage industry of talented people creating 3D models and textures to extend the gameplay. I find that an interesting and creative hobby albeit a little frustrating at times.


Despite growing up with Tom & Jerry cartoons, years of destroying countless alien and demonic invasions on a computer, and maybe the odd game of Dungeons & Dragons (Be honest - you haven't lived if you haven't), I have not felt compelled to end someones life for another few minutes of pleasure. Most of us don't. Sadly though you will always find people who become too attached to gaming because it allows them to escape the reality of their own mundane or worthless existence.


No-one can use these games as an excuse. Nor is some infernal power to blame. We make our own evil.


Please Excuse Me

I'd love to stop and type more, but my bowels are sending warnings that should never be ignored under any circumstances. Must... clench... buttocks...

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Been there, done that, had a similar experience of clenched buttocks but also churning gut due in my case to someone's dirty fingers on one of the French restaurant river boats - you have my sympathy.


On the bright side "this too must pass" ;)

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Depending on variety it can in mild cases be more or less over within 24 hours.


It is more worrying when it goes on for more than 24 hours and usually advisable to seek medical help at that point because it can go on for several days. :ph34r:

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