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Ready And Waiting

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No-one could accuse me of not being prepared. With the risk of heavy showers predicted by our faithful prophets of the television weather report, I was not taking chances. Okay, I wasn't in hiking mode, dressed in outdoors survival gear, but in clothing I know from experience is able to cope quite well with the minor downpour or two. So military surplus it is then.


All day long I was going here and there, seeing to my daily business, and to my utter disgust the dark clouds came and went without discharging their load of rain. Swindon does this. No matter how prepared you are, something else happens.


I had all but given up. Finally, late in the afternoon, it began to rain as I headed home from the supermarket. Everyone else headed for shelter while I continued on my merry way, beaming with delight that I was immune to the effects of rainfall. At least temporarily. But that's okay. The shower only lasted less than a minute.


All In The Stars

Would you believe it? A lunar eclipse for yesterday evening. I wonder how many times I've heard of astronomical phenomena to be observed only to find the british weather has denied me the opportunity. It would be worth catching this one as the next won't appear in british skies until 2041. Good grief, I'll be an eighty year old man when that one comes around - and I'll bet the clouds will obscure it. Like they did last night. Patience. Everything comes to he who waits.

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...yeah i wanted to have a look myself on that lunar eclipse, in the news they said most of austria has very good bis good visibility, well from my balcony i could only see clouds... thats life i guess...

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You still waiting too? I don't get it. How come television astronomers always have a clear view of these things? Do I have to bribe Patrick Moore or something?

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They don't always have perfect views I remember Patrick down in Cornwall for the last full solar eclipse in the UK and only getting a short glimpes before the clouds poured back in.


Mind you I doidn't even get that much being a bit further inland we were under heavy cloud cover so didn't see any of the craved for images of the diamond ring etc. What we did see however in our view more than compensated because we could see the shadow line of the Eclipse [Edit - the Terminator] race across the sky at around 1000mph, crossing Bodmin Moor in seconds.


VERY spectacular and not something the TV reports ever show. We also had the pleasure of hearing nightjars calling during the total eclipse in the mistaken belief that it was night.

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Yes it but bothers me. What if I get held by ignorant villagers who want to burn me at the stake for technomancy and joblessness? In the films such victims get saved by eclipses. What chance have I got? Take a deep breath and try to blow the flames out?

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