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Things Are, Quieting Down

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Sextus Roscius


Well, I've got really nothing to complain about, though I'm sure something will emerge as I write this, and consequently I'll have to change the title, but oh well.


Of my most pressing matters to contend with, is a band concert on march the 8th, which happens to be my sisters birthday. However, thats the least of my worries about the concert, its in a month and we got our music a week or so ago, which (any one who's been in a concert band would tell you) is not alot of time to prepare it, especially with 4 peices total, the longest of which is 9 minutes (though its a conglomoration of songs) which will take a while to perfect.


Also, tomorrow is Valentines day (I think I spelled that wrong) which is to me no major holiday, infact, its sort of worse than a normal day (except for coming home and eating all of my mom's chocolates :) ) Some people make a large hipe over it, though that is merely media induced. I find the holiday annoying enough that sometimes I completely don't respond when people talk to me about it, though last year I participated in the festivities of fake love notes, doing and giving dares, and all the rest of the speill. Wasn't that fun, so I think I shan't do it this time round.


All said and through though, things are going fine for me, and the world doesn't have any major even happening today. Absolutley lovely, and hey, I guess I didn't have to change the title...

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