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    Wondering why in the world some one would put a star bucks across from a starbucks.
  1. Sextus Roscius

    Weird Place Names

    Anyone else know that the town of Waterproof, LA, was moved 3 times due to flooding?
  2. Cybernations I've really gotten into it. A bit too much really I suppose.
  3. Sextus Roscius

    Roman "blessings"

    Man I'm out of it...
  4. Sextus Roscius

    Good Freeware Music Composing Programs

    Finale Notepad is great if your just trying to write music.
  5. Sextus Roscius

    Ahh, So Good To Be Back...

    I apologize that I've been gone for so long. I just couldn't bring myself to come back for quite a while becuase I lost my intrest in Rome for a moment, then summer came and I've been jumping around. Anyways, now I'm back, but probley won't be very constructive for a week or so... Anyways, just has possibly the best day of the summer yesterday for reasons too long to explain. Basiccally just happy to be back. Thats all I've got to say for now I guess.
  6. Sextus Roscius

    Roman "blessings"

    I don't really know any besides "Praise Fortuna" or something like that. The Romans being not very religious probley didn't have as many saying of that sort.
  7. The equestrians were more trustable becuase they didn't bother with politics as much, and weren't as dangerous. Simple as that. I apologize for my undetailed posts. First day back in months...
  8. Sextus Roscius

    Building Threat To Roman Remains

    Disgraceful the whole ordeal is.
  9. Sextus Roscius

    Greek Flamethrower

    exactaly sir.
  10. Sextus Roscius


    Severus's home town was the city of Leptis Magna along the coast of what is now libya. Severus however was in all likelyhood not black (unless his family had furthur back eithiopian roots or something like that) he certainly would've been semetic.
  11. Sextus Roscius

    Roman Village Life

    Villages in Italy its self after the introduction of the Latifunda system were not as common as one might think, the closest thing in most cases is a collection of Villas around a similar point.
  12. Sextus Roscius

    Challenge - Find An Old Photo Of Your Home Town

    That ones particularly attractive. Its a site called the "Old Well" as best I remember. Its on the UNC campus here. Its a newer image though Thats an older photo of a football field Thats a library I beleive durring the Civil war, probley after the Union took NC
  13. Sextus Roscius

    Sectarian Violence/civil War In Iraq?

    You mean West-Germany, East-Germany was Communist Soviet Terretory, till it became a German-Communist state that existed from 1949-1990. Thanks for the correction, I wasn't thinking...
  14. Sextus Roscius

    Kennewick Man Deliberately Buried

    But Germanicus, why take the chance.... theres so much that might be a possibility. Are we going to say "well it will probely be nothing" What type of attitude is that. Honestly, we never would invented anything or discovered anything with that attitude.
  15. Sextus Roscius

    Kennewick Man Deliberately Buried

    Honestly Ursus, this is being ridiculous, surely you can agree that by studying the kennewick man we can learn very much about earth's history. He could be a european, who knows. We could learn something from him that could completely remap history as we know it. Who knows! Though maybe after we've done everything possible (testing all the possiblilities) we'll have him buried, but honestly... Also, I'm very muched biased too I suppose, I'm an atheist and have little sympathy for people's rituals who to me are pointless....