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It's been a while...



It's been a while, but I'm back having a nosey around UNRV to see how everything is hanging. Since my last blog I have discovered a new passion; FISHING! I'm fuckin' HOOKED on it, pun completely intended.


A close friend gave me a fishing rod and reel and then sat back to watch my too-cool-for-school indifference turn into complete and utter obsession in seconds flat.


I'm absorbed completely by this pastime; it has outdone reading, rugby league and music in the interest stakes. I don't know what's going on in the world anymore because I am generally somewhere by or on the ocean trying to hook up on a big snapper. (For instance; we had a massive oil spill in New Zealand a few weeks ago. It was three days before I knew anything about it because I was out camping by the sea, intent on watching my fishing line for bites!)


From knowing practically nothing about how to fish and actively dissing the hobby as being inferior to diving, I am now a walking encyclopaedia of knots and a zealot when it comes to defending the merits of fishing.


SO! That's me at the moment. Oh, and I met a lovely lady who I also turned into a fishing fanatic. It was our one year anniversary on Monday just gone, and we are very happy.


To all my UNRV friends; get out from behind your computers, get your noses out of your musty textbooks and go for a fish!


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The only fish I catch are those bent on suiciding with my hooks because usually my attention goes somewhere else so I rarely see them bite. Oh, what a pretty dragonfly! and a pink cloud! look, a unicorn!

But I like to eat fish.

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