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Non Me Lo So Spiegare



Well, the interview has passed. And my nerves are infinitely calmer for it, too.


I have spent the last week or so cramming as much Italian grammar as I can...which sounds like a lot of studying. But considering this is mid-semester, and that normally implies a mountain of work, I didn't get to study quite as much as I would have liked. Not to mention that I had no time to go to any conversation groups, so my confidence in my speaking abilities was not exactly bolstered.


I knew that in the interview I would have to do 2 different teaching demonstrations--one in Spanish, one in Italian. The Spanish one would be no sweat--I mean, I've been teaching Spanish for 12 years, and this grammar point was one that I did this semester, so my PowerPoint presentation was up to date. But the Italian one? Yeesh...I've never taught Italian, and my confidence was waning.


So instead of conversing with fellow Italian-speakers and getting better, I had to practice my grammar presentation and hope to All That Holy that I wouldn't be asked to do too much more. Regardless, I had practice various grammar elements, spoke Italian when I could (although my cat pretty much ignored me when I spoke to her), and hoped for the best.


Oh, and freak out the entire time. But that's normal.


But, typical for me, once I woke up this morning, the jitters were gone. Sure, I was nervous, but not overly preoccupied with whether I'd do ok. The last few days I've been listening to my Italian rock/pop songs (mostly Laura Pausini, Eros Ramazzotti and Tiziano Ferro), and I played more as I drove the 45-minute drive from my apartment to the interview.


Bottom line, I did fine. On the regular interview questions, I slayed...they seemed genuinely impressed with my committee work and curriculum work, and my other questions seemed to hit the spots that they were looking for. My Spanish demonstration was great, too...but I knew that I'd do well there, too. The Italian demonstration...it went fine. Not great, not excellent, just 'fine'.


I made it :)


Now, I just have to wait about a week to see if I'll be asked for a second interview, or if I get a 'thanks for participating' email. Regardless, the hardest, most challenging part is over and done with.


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Sounds like "you did good, girl!" LOL I hope you get that second interview. Confidence is always a huge part of the process. I can't image that they would expect equal proficiency in both languages, so if you felt comfortable it was probably even better. Teachers tend to be type A and hard on themselves.


I guess one way to improve your Italian, though, would be to find an Italian boyfriend <g> that is of course if you're not married.LOL


Take care,


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Grazie, Cinzia! Tis true, I could use an Italian boyfriend ;)


Actually, I hope to start having time to go to Italian Meet-Ups in San Francisco soon. That way, I could not only practice speaking, but get tapped into the local culture again. If I end up teaching, I'll be able to find out about cultural events. Plus, gee, I might have to spend time in North Beach, San Francisco's historical Italian district...a must if anyone comes here!

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None yet...hopefully I'll hear something today. Naturally, I had a weird dream last night: that they closed the position, citing budgetary reasons (the State of California just announced that certain economic triggers were set, so there will be more cuts, including to education)...and then the college in question opens up a new position, Italian-centric but the ability to teach Spanish. Yeeps!

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