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Linus and Lucy (aka, the Peanuts Theme)



Here in the States, we have a tradition. It's not the holidays until the Charlie Brown cartoons start.


It starts with "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" for Halloween, but one of my favorite one is "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving". Besides, it sets up a day of football (not footie, mind you...that's a different sport), and this year my Niners are playing in the Har-bowl...the head coaches of both the 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens are brothers Jim and John Harbaugh, respectively, and both teams are goooooooooooood.


But, hey, that's getting ahead of ourselves. Charlie Brown needs to be tricked yet again by Lucy into 'kicking' the ball, only to fall flat on his back. Charlie Brown needs to get bummed out about the holidays in general, because of worrying about food and gifts and such. And then the whole gang needs to come on over and show Charlie Brown the meaning of Thanksgiving. And it's more than pumpkin pie.


As an American born pre-1980, the Charlie Brown cartoons represent a part of childhood tradition...the programs that are always on during the last 3 months of the year, and always on network television. I remember when cable television came to be, and lordy lordy lordy, was it a new fangled thang. The old folks thought that it was just a fad, that there was no reason to pay for television programs, especially since the 3 networds (ABC, CBS, NBC) provided all that you would want. Charlie Brown and his pals were always on network television, just like "It's A Wonderful Life" and "Miracle on 34th Street" (neither of which I ever liked).


So, tomorrow, I'll be driving to my parents' house, about 75 miles away, for our normal Thanksgiving tradition: football, food, and feeling thankful for all we have. It could be a shite site worse ;)


Happy Thanksgiving to you all...even if you're not celebrating on that day. At least be thankful for Charles Schulz, the genius behind the gang.

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