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I love me some Foo Fighters. Seriously...my one fantasy revolves around Dave Grohl...I won't provide other details, as it's not necessary. ;)


How much to I love me some Foos? Everlong is my general ringtone on my Blackberry. Yeah, I said it. Everlong...the most Nirvana-like song they have.


And here comes the paradox...I hate Nirvana. Well, to be fair, it's not the entire band that makes me change the station on the radio...it's only the lead singer. Kurt Cobain has (had?) a voice that I absolutely can't stand...it literally hurts my ears. A whiny quality that just unsettles me in a negative way.


And yet...when you listen to just about anything early that Dave Grohl wrote for the Foos, it's clear that Nirvana was still on his mind. The video, however, is not even remotely Nirvana-like, and one could even argue it was the start of Dave Grohl branching out into joke-dom. The band has become famous for it now, throwing in at least one video per album that is a spoof. In my quite humble opinion, the video for "Long Road To Ruin" is the best one of their work, although "Big Me" is nothing to sneeze at, either.


The album that came out this year, Wasting Light, is no different...although the 'joke video' is on a song that I don't like. If you download the entire album from iTunes, you get the videos for both "White Limo" (the song I can't stand on the album) and a live video for "Walk" (the song that might be my favorite). For you metal fans, you'll love "White Limo;" very influenced by all that is metal. Being the complete antithesis of a fan of heavy metal...yeah, it hurts my ears, badly. "Rope" is a great song, but the lyrics are very dark...but wow that guitar gets me moving around the room.


on the other hand, it perhaps the most upbeat song that the Foos have ever produce. About getting ready to start again, because it's time...and get ready, because I'm back for real. In fact...hmmmmmm...could "Walk" unseat "Everlong" as my general ringtone? I dunno....that's a huge upset...but I might have to try it out for a bit ;)