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I Will Wait



*Shuffle into the room*


*Notice tons of dust on the blog*


*Pull out cleaning rag and wipe away dust*


There...that's better :)


So, uh, yeah, been a bit busy this year. Not that I have a ton of time to maintain this blog currently...and probably won't for another month. But at least I should make an effort, right?


Yeah, I hope so, too.


So, what and/or who has been taking up my time, you ask? Funny, that. In no particular order...


Boyfriend: Ok, that one is in a particular order...yes, the same one since January. Life is truly wonderful--especially since he respects my busy schedule (a first for me). At the end of October we're moving in together, even.


Accreditation: Lemme 'splain dis one, Lucy. Every academic institution, from K-12 to college, applies for accreditation. By receiving accreditation, said institution is eligible for state and federal financial aid, the degrees and learning are 'to minimum code,' to borrow a term from the building industry, and therefore will be accepted at any other academic institution. Accreditation is done by regional bodies, each of which have separate sub-bodies for various levels of education (K-12, Junior/Community Colleges, 4-year Universities). The one that my main campus falls under is known for being the most critical, and for giving out a ton of sanctions every year. So, what does this have to do with me? I'm the head writer for the campus' Self-Evaluation. Thankfully, most of the writing is done by sub-committees, and I just have to make it all one, cohesive unit. Seeing as how I was chosen because of my work on one of the sub-committees, I also have to help that group with their work. No small task.


ePortfolios: On top of that, a colleague in the ESL department pulled me in to work with her on student ePortfolios. Higher ed campuses are moving to this system of keeping track of certain student work, so that the Accreditation Powers That Be will be satisfied with the sacrificial offering. (Ooops, I probably shouldn't use so much snark there...oh well, it's out there.) Anyway, I'm new to that world, too, so I'm learning what I can, trying things out, and creating the workshops for that with my colleague.


Bay Honors Consortium: I got pulled into a group of Honors professors at the various community colleges in the Bay Area last academic year, and I love working with these people. We have 2 events every year: the Round Table in October (for faculty and administrators who want to pow-wow with their colleagues elsewhere in Northern California) and the Bay Honors Research Symposium in late April/early May (for students to present their research in a true academic conference). So, yeah, just a bit of work to do there.


Teaching: So, on top of working a full schedule at 2 different campuses (that are 35 miles apart), my spring schedule featured 3 private groups, and a private tutoring session that I did with a businessman. Thankfully, the full schedule at 2 campuses is still in play, and should be for some time. The private stuff is down to one group, the people I started out with, and who I want to finish up in their series. I doubt I'll be taking on any more work, because of the previously-mentioned stuff.


So, just a wee bit busy :)


Crap, it's nearing 8:30am. I still need to eat breakfast and get household chores done before I start prepping for this week's mountain.


(Yes, that's new Mumford & Sons...I'm kinda listening to that CD non-stop right now. Hey, it beats the drivel they're playing on the radio!)


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Best of luck with the whole 'boyfirend moving in' thing, Doc. Is marriage on the cards? You don't know the true meaning of happiness until you get married. . . . of course, it's too late by then.

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LMAO GoC...so I keep hearing! When I tell people about this, the first comment I get is: "Ooh! Now you'll lose your freedom! You won't be able to go out at night and hang out with your friends!"


Do what? I teach 3 nights a week, and usually use Thursday and Friday (evenings included) to get everything done, so that I have my weekends completely free. I don't think that's gonna change!


As for marriage...yeah, probably :D There's no ring...yet...

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