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Running On Empty





That's a common phrase among many, who in a bleary-eyed moment are trying to sum up their feelings as they shuffle toward their keyboards in the morning. It's a general feeling of fatigue, or grogginess even.


This is my first, second, and perhaps even third thought this morning.


I'm half-way through my Month of Hell, and for the most part I'm holding up well. I'm only slightly behind my grading, which is an awesome feat considering how many students I have this semester. Three of my projects are running smoothly, and people are pulling up their end of the bargain. The majority of the big weekends is over, and projects are getting their final run-throughs.


The one huge project, however, is a mixed bag.


To put it one way, I've been working until midnight twice this week. Both nights, I had a 12-hour teaching and meeting day, so it's not like I got to take a nap some time in the afternoon. And when I come home from said 12-hour days, I'm only mildly coherent in general. But both days I had to resort of a caffeinated beverage at around 4pm (Dr. Pepper, if you please), just to make sure I stayed awake. How odd is this, you ask? I don't drink caffeine...I had to give it up about 5 years ago, due to my constant drinking of black tea all day long. (The weird part was that I wasn't drinking the tea for the caffeine...I was drinking it because I love it, and it kept me from grazing all day long while working on the dissertation. Oh what I would give for a cup or two of assam tea right now...*sigh*)


So, as I get moving this morning, and prepare for an 8:45am meeting, I'm a little rough. I could use a nap, and indeed one will be mandatory this afternoon, after my other big meeting today. I'm turning into the Little Engine That Could, constantly telling myself, "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can..."


Hopefully soon the mantra will be: "I knew I could! Whew! Now, time to relax!"


(PS--I hate the Eagles...but this is truly the first song title that came to mind. Stupid classic rock station....why do I always wake up to the worst songs???)


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There you go, Doc, we've now found where our musical tastes diverge. The Eagles are a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. It all started (predictably) with Hotel California, and (much less predictably) the lesser known and uncharacteristic instrumental


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Yeah, 'Hotel California' is what did it for me. For whatever reason, the radio stations feel that because we live in the Golden State, we have to hear that song at least 5 times a day. bleh


Then again, it only took 37 years of life for me to finally be able to put up with Robert Plant's voice enough to somewhat enjoy Led Zepplin. I know, I know...but the tone of his voice is grating to me. And it took me a long time to be able to get around his horrible wailing in order to enjoy the wonderful awesomeness that is Jimmy Page.

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Right you are, GoC. A bitch syntax is!


(Sorry, I've been playing with Yoda-speak this semester, given that I'm teaching an Intro to Linguistics class and went through this with my students. Wonderfully, I didn't feel old by busting out the "When 900 years old you be, look so good you will not, hmmm?" line, and everyone got it. Sadly, I can't say the same for the Monty Python comments....

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