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Global Warming Broke UNRV's Forum



Global Warming is at it again.....


The best ritual the practitioners of Scientism have developed to keep solar winds from messing with our cell phone towers is for everyone to recycle. I think, in order to repair global warming damage to the forum, is to develop a new responsive ritual ourselves.


I suggest, we ask ourselves why the software of the site is still otherwise functioning, such as private messages, and blog entries, and ask ourselves at a software level what the real difference between posting in these are from the forum. It doesn't look like much.


Furthermore, the forum seems to of retained its memory, so it's not a memory corruption. It's the capacity of the website to direct us to individual threads.


Now.... the pragmatic rational thing would be to rename the directories in the forums. Or at least add a new section that functions while the rest frets. However, that makes too much sense. I recommend, we use narrow minded group think and floppy rationalization and encourage everyone to douche female squirrels to make the global warming forum glitch go away, and tell anyone who is skeptical of capturing wild squirrels and douching them are uneducated, superstitious riftraft. We can compare them to the Heavens Gate cult, evolution deniers, or the Welsh. If we ostracize enough of these skeptics, these pragmatic seekers of the truth, maybe the internet directory will become pleased, and fix itself as a goodwill measure...... maybe?


Or we can just fix the directory.


Hey look..... I just posted this. Means it's possible to fix it..... the fundamentals of the website isn't broke, just the index links.