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    When Did The Roman Empire Really End?

    I agree with you . but i have a question when romulus agustus ended the west roman empire he gave the east roman or byzantine empire the right to controll all the former states of the west empire. the pope not wanting the roman catholic church to be ruled buy greek orthodox crowned charlamagne roman emperor . charlmagne succesor state the holy roman empire lost rome in 1278. so who is thr real succesor to the roman empire the paapal states which conroll rome or the byzantine empire controlling the capital of the roman empire since constantine Constantinople
  2. hi i was wondering when you thoght the roman empire really ended. theres been many diffrent roman empires theres bin the ancient roman empire whitch then split into east and west and theres been the byzantine empire and the empire of charlamagne and the holy roman empire and in my opinion today the vatican. but when do you think it really ended.
  3. the most important remnant of the Western Empire is the Roman Catholic Church. The Church slowly began to replace Roman institutions in the west, even helping to negotiate the safety of Rome during the late 5th Century. As the barbarians invaded, many converted, and by the middle of the medieval period (ca. 9th and 10th centuries) the entirety of the former Western half of the Empire had been completely converted to Christianity and leadership by the Pope. Ironically, Rome's final conquering of the Germans and Slavs came after her fall as an Empire through the Christian missionaries spreading ever further north, until paganism was stamped out throughout Europe.
  4. emperor

    A Roman Empire Today..

    yeah serisolully leave bad s@#% about the usa out of this forum keep it to youre selfs
  5. was the holy roman empire roman and how did it coraspond with the ancient roman empire
  6. . Apparently the Vatican considered themselves as the last remaining representatives of the Western Roman Empire. Apparently the first Pope was officially recognised by Constantine by one of his laws, making the Pope an Imperial agent. And when the West fell, the Pope was then recognised by the Eastern Roman Empire as an Imperial agent. Therefore the Pope was legally able to bestow titles such as 'Patrician of the Romans' etc. and later the titles of Emperor. From what I read on the online Catholic Encylopedia, the Pope apparently never lost his official capacity as an Imperial agent and considered their 'Papal States' up till 1870 as technically being Roman. They regarded the unification of Italy as an unlawfull act and the conflict between the Church and the state is still not completely resolved. So is the Vatican, in a technical sense, the last remaining vestiges of the Western Roman Empire? originily posted by tex
  7. I read this book called the tale of troy and it sayed that aeneas a trojan who was set free and a bunch of other trojans were told buy a prophet that they had to bulid a city in italy and that in future years it wouild conquer the world and be known as rome. when the trojans came to italy they found a river called tiber and thats were they built rome. I know this is probally not true but what do u think?
  8. Hi I am new to this forum. I have been going crazy looking a web site that tells me how the vatican is a mondern vestige of the west roman empire. Please tell me how you think about this and if you know about a website that can tell me.