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    Inside the 'Oracle' chamber #1

    Good Pic maybe you should try using a difuser next time to lose some of the glare. i do like it though.
  2. premeginia

    Bad Santa

    See! They said cloning would be a bad idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. premeginia


    After reading up on the acheivements of Spartacus, i just had to ask do you think he could have won?
  4. premeginia

    Fall Of Rome And Dark Ages

    So in reality, they just left it too late to re-group their main military strength,
  5. premeginia

    Fall Of Rome And Dark Ages

    I find it stunning to think that after the and during the fall of the empire that europe as a whole managed to destroy and forget nearly a 1000 years of technological advancement, At some point shouldnt some have said something, My question is How did rome mange to hamstring itself so spectacularly?
  6. premeginia

    Brutality Of The Roman Army

    Although the romans would be considered brutal tyrants by Modern standerds, although i find this ironic coming from the era of the A-bomb and testing it on a defenceless city. was they really brutal by the standards of the time, I dont think so... Rape murder and pillage have been sanctioned by every religion over the centuries and was even considered by the christian church an act of purity! It was not the romans who were brutal I beleive its just human nature to find all kinds of ways to exterminate each other, Its just that some societies were better at it than others. Another point i would like to put is you have bear in mind at what the carthaginians or greeks and even Barbarian Hordes would have done if they had defeated the roman Legions. But two dont make a right, right?