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  1. palimpsest

    Links On Byzantium

    Doesn't it say something about the power of Rome [and Byzantium]. Isn't it amazing that someone is still trying to bring it back?
  2. palimpsest

    Links On Byzantium

    Thank you all! Most of the links are from: http://www.aiebnet.gr/links-eng.html I thought it was important to have them here as well. I wonder what you will think about this :-) [the "romans"/byzantines coming back, hihi] Neobyzantine project http://www.neobyzantine.org some links to books on Byzantium: Byzantine Books Fordham library Papyrus Books ASHGATE Byzantine Studies 2005 Catalog PINDAR PRESS Byzantine & Eastern Christian Art Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies journal - Maney Publishing Prosopography of the Byzantine World project Gorgias Press Cambridge University Press Princeton University Press Peeters Publishers Palgrave Byzantina Australiensia Alexandros Press British School at Athens Brepols Ertug & Kocabiyik Publications Photography of Ahmet Ertug - Books Dumbarton Oaks - Titles in Byzantine Studies at Harvard University Press Dumbarton Oaks Publications Dumbarton Oaks Electronic Texts Dumbarton Oaks Hagiography Database Variorum from Ashgate Variorum Reprints BRILL de Gruyter Belfast Byzantine Texts and Translations Byzantine, Ottoman & Modern Greek Monographs -University of Birmingham BYZANTINE STUDIES: A BASIC BIBLIOGRAPHY The Greek Bookshop -Byzantium BIBLIAGORA
  3. as promised Photographs from the Byzantine Congress, London 2006 http://www.byzantinecongress.org.uk/photos/index.html
  4. palimpsest

    Links On Byzantium

    some links on Byzantine Studies: AIEB -Association Internationale des Etudes Byzantines Byzantium on the Internet - Paul Halsall Dumbarton Oaks The Society for the Promotion of Byzantine Studies (SPBS) Le Comit
  5. You can't have all, can you? Or is it a blessing?
  6. 21st International Congress of Byzantine Studies London 21-26 August 2006 http://byzantinecongress.org.uk/spons.html .
  7. For me the most important asset of Byzantium was its religious/cultural authority over the Christian world. This was lost in stages. And two of the most important ones are: 1. the iconoslast controversy [when Rome found itself more "orthodox" than Byantium, and realized it can "stand on its own"] 2. The Latin occupation of Constantinople and the transfer of relics to the West [the religious-self-confidence in the lasting of Byzantium was shaken; after this moment the "West" didn't "need" Byzantium anymore and a mutual hate was put in place, to the detriment of Christianity in general] -after this Byzantium became from the most important world power only a "local" one. This is why I voted for the Latin occupation.
  8. OK guys, the pics are coming! There are some "exhibitions" scheduled, but there's no info. on them. p
  9. OK, if I'll go I'll tell you what's up.
  10. I will gladly post this on upcoming events forums. Please let me know where! I am thinking of going to this congress myself. Hope to see some of you guys there!
  11. palimpsest

    Links On Byzantium

    Glad you find them useful! Another link on a great forum I enjoy very much: Alexander Palace Time Machine The Alexander Palace Discussion Board
  12. palimpsest

    Links On Byzantium

    Some links about Byzantium: http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/byzantium/index.html http://www.byzantium.ac.uk/index.htm http://www.doaks.org/Byzantine.html http://www.ec-patr.gr/ http://www.metmuseum.org/special/Byzantium...tium_splash.htm [cool !!!!!!!!!!!!] http://www.metmuseum.org/explore/Byzantium/byzhome.html http://www.imperiobizantino.com/byzantium.htm http://www.mcah.columbia.edu/byzantium/index2.html [cool !!!!!!!!!!!!] http://www2.arch.uiuc.edu/research/rgouster/
  13. 21st International Congress of Byzantine Studies London 21-26 August 2006 http://www.byzantinecongress.org.uk/spons.html http://www.byzantium.ac.uk/index.htm