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  1. If you do manage to bump into old St Nick on your travels will you do me a big favour and just remind him not to forget the Nintendo DS lite in pink (please don't forget the pink bit it's more important than life itself!) that my little girl asked Santa for in one of the many letters she's sent him.

    Cheers mate I wont forget this!


    Tell yer what, when he drops the Modena off I'll remind him then :blink:

  2. Let's hold a moment of silence for Maxie.

    And another one for Caldrail's sanity.........

    Awwwwwww that was kind of you. Cars like Maxie don't drive off the end of production lines every day I'm afraid (at least, not unless you're a premiership footballer). As for my sanity - who needs it? What is sanity anyway? How do you judge someone sane? Its a viewpoint, a biased observation, a comparison to a fixed standard, which kind of suggests we're all judged against a subjective 'normality'. I on the other hand don't care to much for being restricted to peer acceptability. I therefore cannot be considered normal, and must therefore be a raving looney anyway. Since no-one else is exactly like me, I therefore must conclude that everyone else is basically nuts too. Apart from DS, who's been to the Nutty Club and obviously has been cured of her looniness. Not that you can actually see any difference of course... :blink:

  3. Thats the tragedy - its not a rust bucket at all, its a very clean Eunos with a relatively tasteful aftermarket body kit fitted. I'm on low earnings at moment (thats what happens when your previous boss dumps you by the wayside) so its going to be a while before I surrender to instinct and buy something equally ridiculous - and by the way, I notice as I walked home tonight there's a 360 Modena for sale at a car dealer (in a rough part of town no less!), selling for

  4. So come on then Caldrail what sort of chariot do you cruise around in then??

    Me? Last year I bought a 'grey import ' Eunos Cabriolet, a older car that had been reworked for track days and ran like a formula ford. Even had one of those napoleonic twelve pounder exhausts, which I think are fundamentally naff, but what a glorious noise it made. Sadly, someone nobbled the car and its a now a complete lemon.

  5. Yep, that sort of thing happens in merry England too. As kids, we were hugely amused to learn that a certain blonde teacher had unwittingly gotten off with a student. Mind you, I don't think she was particularly worried judging by the big smirk on her face. The woman was shameless. However, I doubt too many of us would have volunteered for that sort of detention with her. I think in most cases the female teachers are well aware of the effect they have over hormone laden lads and treat it with reasonable caution, but every so often, human chemistry interferes... and... another paycheck to a jouirnalist.

  6. No, I didn't see that, but I'm aware that women in some moslem societies get a raw deal. Two hundred lashes is a very harsh sentence though. British soldiers of the American War of Independence era were named 'Bloodybacks' for the punishments meted out for even minor transgressions. According to my information, one hundred lashes was potentially fatal, and wasn't always delivered in one session.


    There are some interesting points in that womans fate however. Notice that she's held responsible and therefore guilty, that a woman of good character and common sense would not have been raped in the first place, and that she must have in some way tempted the man to wrong-doing. I would be curious to know what happened to the man, how important he was in Saudi society, or how influential the families concerned were.


    It does seem to me that Saudi opnion is that women are inherently 'bad' and need to be contained as a threat to societies well-being, which if I remember right is a very old and traditional viewpoint common to the middle east. There are some nasty or duplicitous women around (I've bumped into one or two in my time) but isn't this a case of being tarred with a brush?

  7. You have no idea how many galoots are here. Its a nationally recognised breeding center, and regarding 'the guy', I have no idea what he charges for demonstrations since he decided to wander off and practice before we could any info out of him. Mind you, its a fair bet that alcohol will be mentioned in the contract :lol: