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    Christianity in the Roman Empire

    I love to study about the Roman Christians, but I also love all aspects of study on the Roman Empire. What aspect of the Roman Empire do you enjoy reading about the most. The Apostle Paul was a Roman who helped spread Christianity in the Roman World. I think the Roman Empire had great philosophers, orators and Statesmen. Julius Caesar was one who cared deeply about the men who fought with him in the many battles. Sincerely, Lovedone, Donna-Raye- My real name
  2. lovedone

    Christianity in the Roman Empire

    I love to learn all about the religion, culture life and the many aspects of Rome in general, but I know that some groups don't believe in Christianity, but Christianity was so much a part of the Roman Empire. I'm so happy to be a part of this group. I had signed up for one Roman Reeanctment group, but some of the people would tell me that The Bible and Christianity were myths, and that confused me, because Christianity was a part of the Roman Empire. I love being a part of this group as well. I love Roman history. Sincerely, Lovedone
  3. lovedone

    Roman Quote

    I love the phrase by Roman Statesman, Philosopher, and Orator Marcus Tillius Cirero, "More Laws, Less Justice." An example in today's society would be the many trivial lawsuits and malpractice suites. A man I read about who ate at McDonald's tried to sue the foodchain, because he claimed the food made him fat, so if he had won the lawsuit, instead of taking responsibility into his own hands, and just stop eating at McDonald's the law might not go into affect, and the man would lose weight. Therefore, by bringing the lawsuit, there is NO justice. Therefore, the famous phrase of this brilliant Roman Statesman Marcus Tillius Cicero rings true indeed in today's society. Could someone share with me an example on how a famous Roman quote applies to today's society? Sincerely, Lovedone My real name- Donna-Raye
  4. lovedone

    Roman Quote

    Thank you for sharing with me your favorite. I'll reply to your question tomorrow. I have only 2 minutes left on the library computer, therefore, tomorrow, I'll reply to your question. Sincerely, Lovedone
  5. lovedone

    Roman Quote

    [B] Could someone share with me what the Roman Statesman, Poet and Orator meant by the words "The more laws, the less justice?" How does this apply to today's society? I'm happy to be joining this forum. Sincerely, Lovedone One of my favorite quotes is "The die is cast' stated by Julius Caesar when crossing the Rubican in 49 B.C.