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    Latin, The Untranslatable

    Subdomo, subdomare- to tame somewhat
  2. Hi there, I'm a Latin 1 student in So. Cal. I recently became interested in Roman History because of an introduction to Latin history and culture class I took over the summer and I have a friend that is a real Rome nut. is anyone part of the JCL? (I probably should have done this a while back )
  3. Oh thanks for the correction I'm going to side with training and movements now.
  4. Castor

    Roman Sewage

    I heard that lead pipes were one of the factors of the downfall of rome, but in science I also learned that small amounts of poison will create an enzyme or resistance against it. So if the Romans were constantly drinking poisoned water, they would have a resistance against lead. So were the lead pipes so bad?
  5. Castor

    Man Marries Goat

    Thats just creepy
  6. Castor

    How Were Twins Treated

    I heard from my Latin teacher that twins scared the crap out of the Romans because they didn't understand why two children came out.
  7. Thats a close one. I'd have to say either manpower or tactics. manpower because the generals now paid their soldiers and i believe provided armor, weaponry and equipment. This also resulted in the armies being more loyal to their commander. On the other hand, good tactics were developed to out manuever the enemy. (someone please correct me if i'm wrong) Off topic (sorry): speaking of tactics, was the phalanx considered obsolete by the time of marian reforms or no
  8. Castor

    Passive Periphrastic

    Principle parts and endings are easy Thanks You!
  9. Castor

    Passive Periphrastic

    I was just wondering if anyone knows how to form the passive periphrastic. I'm in Latin 1 so my text book doesn't have it and the internet sites I've visited aren't very straight forward and kinda confusing.