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    Pax Romana 2

    Join. Its fun. I'm tired of typing..... we need beta tester... http://www.s8.createphpbb.com/paxromana2/
  2. gnaeus_atilius

    First Man In Rome - Must Read

    Has any one read books in the masters of rome series? Well they're really good and they bigger than lord of the rings (except if u knwo your history u know what happens). The series is written by a brilliant australian scientist! who is also a grandmother and a roman academic! (wow, what a woman). Anyway the masters of rome series is unique as it traces the rise of Gaius Marius, then his fall, followed by the rise of Sulla and the nurturing of three young hopefuls (Caesar, Pompey and Crassus). I'm only up to the third book (each about 1000 pages) but the series ends with the senate proclaiming octavian emperor of rome. So basically its 100 years of history compiled into 6 books of 1000 pages. What really helps is that the author has even provided drawings of the faces of the characters at intervals throughout the book and oh my god! the index at the back is about 200 pages of definitions and explainations of terms in the book. The writing is fantastic but when you start reading it can seem a little dauntng and boring. Stick with it for the first chapter (year). Once you start seeing characters get old who u were frst introduced to as young you get a sense of time passing. Battles are possibly the best i've ever read and the private lives interconnected with politics is just as interesting. A book for everyone i think not bcause of everything i previously said, but because it will give you the most historically accuarte understanding of the roman republic. You can read the first chapter of the books at amazon or something. The first man in rome is the first book in the series so start there. http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/038...nrvromanempi-20
  3. gnaeus_atilius

    Hbo Rome

    there is heaps of sex. romans love sex and they werent ashamed of it either like u obviously are. This stupid christian way of thinking from the middle ages that people keep it to themselves totally destroyed what we had back in ancient rome and the ancient world for that matter. Sex Sex and more sex mate. Loving it cause it is realistic and historically accuarte. Good job HBO and a special congrats to the actors who acted it out on screen. They managed to shed our modern shame and live without shame. i'm not a nudist by the way. i'm just saying our modern ideas of sexuality are different from the good times 2000 years ago. When a roman wouldnt be ashamed to have sex with his wife or a prostitute (who were actually decent and not sluty) infront of his friends. A world where a son could discuss the tales of sex he had with his wife to his family members. Unlike today. Our modern world has it wrong. Afterall whats there to be ashamed of? We all do it and love it yet cant admit that we actually do it at all. We boast to our friends but not our family. We claim we are pro to our mates yet pretend sex never exists in our lives when talking to family.
  4. gnaeus_atilius

    New Online Roman Republic Rpg!

    oringally it was. but we have slowly been changing the entire rules of the game since players (in the senate) draft their own laws (rules). So naturally the game will be completely changed in a month or so of gaming.
  5. gnaeus_atilius

    New Online Roman Republic Rpg!

    well we are running another round of recruitment for Pax Romana (the name of this game) and UNRV users are lucky to be next. We cant have a heap of people join so if you do join make sure you are serious about joining. Do this by reading through the game, the rules, the nice little pictures and the relentless arguing that we in the senate have been engaged with. If you think you have what it takes to be the next first man in rome like Lucius Cornelius Scipio Africanus or Gaius Marius or even Gaius Julius Caesar then step right up and sign up! Click here to check it out enjoy! p.s: i notice some people were searching for an online roman rpg awhile back so here it is incase u were wondering. i forgot to add my contact email. here it is if u have a question or need help: quintillius_titus_julianus@hotmail.com OR Post Message me in the game to adminpaxromana