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    Prominent Families

    i got a 90 on my paper...thanks guys!!!!! :1eye: :fish:
  2. lostgirl

    Prominent Families

    i have a paper i have to write for my Latin III class, the topic is prominent families in Rome. My teacher asked me to follow member of the family foe the history paper, but i don't have any clue as to what families i should follow! i first researched that exact topic in google and got a whole bunch of crap...so i started to look at roman history, and just got confused because i didn't know if the emperor's families would be considered prominent through out roman history. i was under the impression that senators and their familes were politically active through out roman history, but i'm not sure. please help me get a starting place! :bag: :fish: (i just like the fish one)
  3. lostgirl

    Prominent Families

    Primus Pilus...I LOVE YOU :notworthy: THANK YOU SO MUCH, i just needed some where to start, thank you! !!!!!!!!!!!!