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  1. It has come to my attention UNRV is not longer what it used to be. UNRV used to be a very active and enjoyable place to talk about ancient Roman and Mediterranean history but that no longer seems to be the case now. Restricitions on people have pretty much drove them away, and to be perfectly honest has driven me away to.


    I'd like to give a few shoutouts before I leave:


    Primus Pilus: Thank you for the great posts you have given me. Some of your posts were full of great information that I definitely used to further my knowledge and for that I am greatful.


    Viggen: You were a great guy with a great personality who encouraged me to learn and expand my understanding of language.


    Lost Warrior: Hope you get everything you set out to do accomplished, I admire your "can do" spirit.


    Kosmo: You'd make the most brilliant posts and the best times. Keep up the good work!


    Pantagathus: Although you weren't the nicest person to me thanks for teaching me.


    DocofLove: Always fun to chat with, love how I could talk with you about anything. :)


    tflex: Middle East pride worldwide! :lol:


    Gaius Pauliminus Maximus: Don't know you too well but I bet if we met in real life I'd like you a lot. :)


    Gaius Octavius: thanks for all the things you have done for me. Not only have you made some great posts, but you've also taught me some things about life as well. Thank for always believing in me. :)


    Rameses the Great, over and out!



  2. I suppose this is where Afrocentric fanatics in the U.S and elsewhere get some of their bizarre theories about Egypt being ruled by black people from. I've had some vehement arguments with some fellows about this. These gents seem to have a hard time understanding that only the 25th Dynasty consisted of Nubians proper. Seventy five years, in a relative time frame, is hardly anything to speak of. I've even had people arguing that Cleopatra was black! These wiseacres seem to be blissfully unaware of the fact that the Macedonian Ptolemies took over the country at some point in its history. All this would be charmingly potty if it weren't for the fact that there seems to be a whole big pseudo-intellectual movement behind it, complete with websites, books, self-styled experts, etc. and replete with frothing fanatics that (it seems to me) wouldn't shrink from causing bodily harm to get their point of view across. I realize that this is slightly OT but has anyone else encountered these endearing folk?


    Problem is, as the article itself points out, is that the Egyptian never described people in race rather culture.


    An Egyptian who then lived in Nubia would be considered a Nubian and a Nubian or Libyan who decided to live in Egypt would then be considered Egyptian, because they adopted Egyptian culture.


    Problem is there are so many racists in today's world it's kind of impossible to fathom this. What 'race' were the Ancient Egyptians? Perhaps just Egyptian?

  3. Yup, we've had many a quarrel with our neighbor to the South. The Egyptians had something called 'good Nubians' and 'bad Nubians' suggesting that there were likely different kinds of them.


    The Assyrian conquests came quick, after that the New Kingdom began and it would be Egypt who would rule over their Southern foes.


    Interesting read, took the quiz and failed miserably though.

  4. I don't know about you, but I think I've discovered the truth about american policy in the middle east. Forget terrorism, forget oil. What the americans really want is their camels back. Now if you'll excuse me, there's several men in black combat gear abseiling down from helicopters outside my house and I think they want to have a word with me.... ;)


    Better than having several men in white medical gear trying to force you in a shirt with long sleeves... :)


    I think that romans are the ones that had spreaded the camel from Asia to Sahara.


    ? The Sahara had always had camels, they're just different from steppe camels.

  5. Mention camels, and the MUMMY dips his finger in it. Look, you deliquent, there are camels in Mongolia, and it's cold there!


    It seems that the Klingon has lost his Bering. Better take a GPS reading - quick! And get it Straight!


    Which variety will the U.S. get back? One or two humped?


    You guys can have the two, the one with one is our's.


    And what is it with this 'West' stuff? Wasn't North America an Amerindian civilizaion and not Western? So that means we had Mongols, Turks, Middle Easterners, and Native Americans with camels just not Europeans correct?

  6. By Dawkins! Thats a comprehensive list Ram, old chap - well, in the absence of a '50's Rock n' Roll, Rockabilly or Jazz category, I will have to vote for 'other'.


    Thanks lol, I do like soft rock but that's just about it. People say you can't really like hip hop and rock but I don't know, it seems not to be so for Klingan.