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  1. Rameses the Great

    Euro 2008

    Holland v. Italy should be good, look forward to it. Although it'll be more like the Olympic diving teams then actual teams unfortunately.
  2. Rameses the Great

    What is everyone's favorite Drink?

    Water and powerade. Gatorade has too much salt bleh!
  3. Rameses the Great

    Happy Birthday Rome

    *They came from the blackness.* Just kidding Happy Birthday Rome! Roma Invicta!
  4. Rameses the Great

    Where was Cleopatra from?

    She was Macedonian but it is not unlikely she had some Egyptian blood in her in some way. Her love for Egypt was can't be denied though, whether she was ethnically Macedonian or Egyptian she always considered herself an Egyptian. Until of course she had that run-in with the snake.
  5. Rameses the Great

    Happy Birthday, Viggen!!!

    Happy Birthday Viggen!!!
  6. Rameses the Great

    Happy Birthday PP

    Happy Birthday Primus Pilus Imperator Vercentorix La Viva Moderator!
  7. Rameses the Great

    Happy birthday GO!

    How did I miss this one! I have it circled on my calendar and written on my hand yet I missed it! I'm sorry, Happy Birthday Gaius!!!
  8. Rameses the Great

    A Bitter Pill

    Sue him, there is NO explanation for this kind of action. If this is just a dream then...ah...I've seen worse, then again I did dream of seeing GO in a toga before so there's worse.
  9. Rameses the Great

    Where Have I Been?

    I agree with Nephele, depression is never anything to take lightly and it was good to see a doctor before this got out of hand. Hope you rebound well.
  10. Rameses the Great

    Happy Birthday ...

    Happy Birthday have a good one you two!
  11. Rameses the Great

    Black Pharaohs

    The Semitic language branch was originally spoken in Ethiopia and later in Mesopatamia, however the first written Semitic language was used by the Mesopatamians. So the entire 'Semitic' branch is actually African in origin.
  12. Rameses the Great

    Black Pharaohs

    Problem is, as the article itself points out, is that the Egyptian never described people in race rather culture. An Egyptian who then lived in Nubia would be considered a Nubian and a Nubian or Libyan who decided to live in Egypt would then be considered Egyptian, because they adopted Egyptian culture. Problem is there are so many racists in today's world it's kind of impossible to fathom this. What 'race' were the Ancient Egyptians? Perhaps just Egyptian?
  13. Rameses the Great

    Black Pharaohs

    Yup, we've had many a quarrel with our neighbor to the South. The Egyptians had something called 'good Nubians' and 'bad Nubians' suggesting that there were likely different kinds of them. The Assyrian conquests came quick, after that the New Kingdom began and it would be Egypt who would rule over their Southern foes. Interesting read, took the quiz and failed miserably though.
  14. Rameses the Great

    Ode on UNRV.

    You take a loss better than anyone, seeing as how you've had to endure so much. Kidding please don't kill me GO the Great! Or magnificent whichever one helps you check for my spelling errors.
  15. Rameses the Great

    Buon compleanno Silentium!

    Oh dear, I forgot happy birthday to UNRV's princess! EDIT: Apparently I forgot 6 months ago.