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  1. Darrell J. Rohl

    Spectacle in the Roman World

    Please count me in. Cheers.
  2. Darrell J. Rohl

    Winners are chosen! - September Book Bonanza

    Definitely count me in on this one. I posted here a few times back when the new Roman Empire map became available, and have mostly lurked since. I hope to be more active in the near future, and contribute to the lacking material on Provincia Arabia.
  3. Darrell J. Rohl

    New Roman Empire Wallmap Feedback

    Indeed we could have used some aid especially in establishing the sites of legionary fortresses in Judaea. It was not so much a question of evidence as much as placing them in the right place for the particular time frame. At any rate, thank you for the compliments... and should we ever make a larger representation of the east, I hope you won't mind if we pick your brain. I would love to help. In my opinion, the biggest weakness I saw in the map was the abscence of some fortresses in the east, particularly in Judaea and Transjordan (Provincia Arabia). On another note... is it possible to get some digital segments of this map for use in presentations? I wouldn't be looking for a full digital copy of the entire map (and could see people printing off multiple copies), but small segments to illustrate specific locations. Also, would it be possible to reprint a smaller version of this map within an academic publication?
  4. Darrell J. Rohl

    New Roman Empire Wallmap Feedback

    Hello All! The site referenced above is mine, and I'd like to say that I am so pleased with my map. I have already used it in 2 academic presentations on the Roman empire, and it is fantastic. I knew that I'd be putting the map to so much use that the laminating would be necessary. It works great, as I can use dry-erase markers on it to highlight things like the movements of troops and phases of imperial expansion, etc.. Wonderful job. I am most knowledgeable on the Roman east, specifically in the provinces of Palestine, Syria, and Arabia, and would love to consult on any future version.