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  1. king hannibal

    Spectacle in the Roman World

    please include me thanks
  2. SOME NICE IMAGES ON ECNOMUS SOME NICE SLIDES ON ILIPA thanks for them ASCLEPIADES but there no detail to them the sea battle can't be done for RTW but there always ETW I've done trebia and I'll be I've moving on to cannae next or some of the first punic war I'll post the picture of them here if you want to see them
  3. yeah I've got both peter connelly books and Adrian Goldsworthy books it for the game rome total war this is what I've made so far it's not perfect but I can't get it much better http://forums.totalwar.org/vb/showthread.p...light=trasimene
  4. hi are there any detailed terrain battle maps from the punic wars I have a few on trebia, tresimene, cannae and zama more would be good if you know of any please give a link or a book name but it is the other battle like the battle of ecnomus and the battle of llipa that I am more looking for but any other battle of the punic wars would be much appreciated thanks
  5. king hannibal

    wiki edit of the Roman Empire

    lol I'll give it a go just something I though of as it didn't really get take over unless you want to class the republic different from the empire anyway it all in my head
  6. king hannibal

    wiki edit of the Roman Empire

    I would tend to see it as not falling at all as no one really take rome from the romans but was change into the popein state I not a major historian just know bit here and there but did the popeian state ever get taken over? if it didn't could it not been seen that it never really real fell at all just chage into a state from an empire (as like the republic to the empire states) although I know there was an italy faction that might have taken it in the late 18th century or early 19th century although I not to sure on that ever
  7. thanks I think you have put a lot in to veiw for me there I know this is a different ear of the roman army but can I just ask how hannibal at the battle of cannue lost so many men to the romans 25,000 or 40% if I remember correctly I know they would have lost alot on the anisiel charge and there after until the romans lost there mamention but for such a high casualties to be inflicted seem to me that there army were a really force to be wrecked with and aspecial for hannibal or experince army am also lead to believe that the roman armys mainly won by picking the battlefeild and if first at the battlefield would setup spikes and other kind of traps in the gound for the enemy to advances on when charging the roman line is this true? sorry I could have word this better what I ment to ask was did the roman use spike and other traps in front of there battle line if they chose the battlefeild and got there before the enermy also would other country do this? as I got told by a renactment group that the roman would use there range to kill most of there enemies off before they came head to head firstly by there scoprians and though such weapons then they would get hit by there archer and slinger and the by the pliums and traps thanks
  8. hi this question I've be woundering about this for a bit in the later roman world the roman struggled for men to recuit, were as in the early period rome could make half or more of it army up with allied state and subjegated states if I can remember correctly 250,000 men could have be use againest hannibal. so I'm guessing that this form of millitry alliances between rome and allied state and subjegated states didn't continue or to the same extent as the later preiods as when there were civil wars men came to and from everywhere to join the army so was the number of men that roman could recuite because of a changed political stans. or did they in the early period get there massive amount of allied troops from italy itself and when they made all itallians have roman citizenship this law could no longer be used thanks
  9. HI I'm woundering if the legionaires of the marians reform and the imperial legionaires were really the elite infantry of the ancient world in battle and at close hand to hand fighting as I play EB historical mod for Rome Total War think you may have heard of it but they clam that they aren't the hardest units in hand to hand fighting but the general view is that they are the elite men of the ancient world and the way of fighting was the most effective way so is it true that they were the best fighters of the ancient world as we are lead to believe or are they surpasted by alot of different units of the ancirent world I am also lead to believe that the roman armys mainly won by picking the battlefeild and if first at the battlefield would setup spikes and other kind of traps in the gound for the enemy to advances on when charging the roman line is this true? thanks
  10. king hannibal

    hi I've heard about the ancient warfare

    hi I've heard about the ancient warfare magazine who do I get this 5 issues free subscribes as theres forums say you give it and I would like to try it out sound like it going to be a great read thanks
  11. king hannibal

    hi can anyone recommend a good book on Caesar

    I'm interested in julius ceaser I'm looking for a good book on the gallic wars (which tell me the army number and what he did to beat them) or a very good book on his whole life (which dose vertaly the same but tell me what happened after) thanks for any help
  12. king hannibal


    this is from john warry writer of warfare in the classical world "the african infantry were of mixed libyan and phoeniaian decent. originally armed in hellenistic fashion after hannibal's early victories they were equipped with the choicest captured roman arms he is thus shown wearing mail like the best equipped roman troops however, he probably retained his greek-style shield in order to avoid being mistaken for the enemy" also it show a spanish infantry man with a pilum and roman body armour this is detailed by polybius. which in my view I've mean the romans wear better equipped than the punic counterparts or it was of a better quilty also I not sure on how the battle went now as in john warry and peter connolly show the african infantry coming up and into the phalanxs/side of the romans were as adrian goldsworthy show a picture of hannibals main line breaking and the african infantry going for that gap to block it or do they not actually know the real way in which the african infantry were used?
  13. king hannibal


    hi I'm newish and justed started read into the roman army from adrian goldworthys complete roman army pick his book as his book on the fall of carthage is good just adding a point thats not been mentioned would the roman armour and weaponaire have been alot better than that of the carthagians? as the vertans in hannibal army worn and used it also this would have made a big impact on the battle fought