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  1. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    Ryse - Xbox Kinetic

    I believe Fathers day is coming up soon, 19th June I think??? Time to start dropping some massive hints!!!
  2. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    Deutsche (Oesterreichische) Musik - Falco, Der Kommissar

    I loved that song! Reminds me of my youth!!!
  3. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    The Romans: An Introduction by Antony Kamm

    Nice review Viggen Thanks for including including the link to the website too!
  4. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    Hannibal: Enemy of Rome Trailer

    Great stuff Ben!
  5. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    Viva Roma No. V (Mambo #5)

    Ha ha nice one Klingan That was brilliant!!
  6. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    Happy Birthday GhostOfClayton

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY GHOST!!!!! Hope you had a fantastic day!!
  7. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    Don`t mess with Grand Rapids (Michigan)

    I love it! That's a pretty impressive video, must have taken some serious organising to get all those people in place! Well done Grand rapids!!
  8. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    The Morning After

    Sex with the missus????? There's actually probably more chance of me getting raptured at the moment!!!
  9. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    Iberian falcata sword, third century BC

    That's a pretty impressive and lethal looking falcata you've got there Ben. Just be careful when you eventually recieve the sword that you don't damage it or more importantly yourself when you get carried away swinging it around pretending to be hannibal !!
  10. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    Farewell Britannia by Simon Young

    Cheers for the recommendation Ben. The book has just been ordered!! It sounds similar to "Roma" by Steven Saylor, but obviously set in Roman britain instead of the Republic!!
  11. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    Welcome and Introduce Yourself Here

    Hey Ben Welcome to UNRV I absolutely loved The Forgotten Legion Chronicles. Definately one of the best series of Roman novels I've read in a long time. It's good to have you around the site.
  12. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    Agora (2010) by Alejandro Amen

    VERY good review Ursus :thumbsup:
  13. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    New Website

    Love the new website Ian, nice work! But I strongly suggest that you don't put a picture of Turf Moor on there, just the sight of that place would make even the most ardent follower of your work click of the site in disgust. ps I've got a few pictures of Elland Road knocking about if you want some pics of a proper football ground!! Seriously though mate the site looks great and I can't wait for the Aetius book to come out, the Belisarius and Stilcho books were excellent!
  14. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    Infantcide common in Roman Empire

    Infanticide, the killing of unwanted babies, was common throughout the Roman Empire and other parts of the ancient world, according to a new study. The study, which has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Archaeological Science, explains that "until recently, (infanticide) was a practice that was widely tolerated in human societies around the world. Prior to modern methods of contraception, it was one of the few ways of limiting family size that was both safe for the mother and effective." Based on archaeological finds, the practice appears to have been particularly widespread in the Roman Empire. "I think it was tolerated in the Roman world rather than something that was completely acceptable, but it's hard to be sure," lead author Simon Mays told Discovery News. http://news.discovery.com/archaeology/infanticide-roman-empire-110505.html
  15. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    ....how English sound to people that dont understand it.

    I love the Ting Tings, they're a quality band, here's a more understandable song from their repatoire.........
  16. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    Bruised Ego's

    Ha ha now you've got a black eye you might aswell grab yourself a bottle of cheap cider from the off license and mosey on down to the park, find yourself a nice comfy bench and then drink the night away and put the world to rights like the rest of the black eye sporting Swindonites!!! Oh and by the way Pippa really does have a lovely rear end!!
  17. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    ....how English sound to people that dont understand it.

    What the hell was that?? I didn't understand a bloody word!!
  18. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    Happy Birthday, Crispina

    Hope you had a great birthday Crispina!
  19. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    Happy Birthday Ursus

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATE!! Have a good one!!
  20. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    Slipping Slightly Further

    It's ridiculous that somebody like yourself who is quite clearly determined to get back to work and trying their hardest to make it happen has to put up with shit like that but yet some bone idle scrounger out there who has absolutely no intention of lifting a finger to earn a living for themselves and will quite happily sit at home claiming all the benefits they can will probably get the opportunity of work thrown at them all the time, believe me I know a few people just like that who are always ducking and diving to avoid working for a living! It makes me sick, I can't begin to imagine how it makes you feel!!!
  21. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    Here Comes Peter Cottontail

    A wise choice Doc, a few beers always helps to relieve the tension don't you think?? I'll be recording the game as it'll be on at about 3am over here and I'll be tucked up in bed in a drunken royal wedding stupour by then, ( any excuse for a party eh!!) I'll have my fingers crossed for the Sharks though!!
  22. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    True Blood

    Kosmo, Well said my friend You summed up The Vampire Diaries perfectly. The show never get's boring or predictable and always ends leaving you wanting more. A sure fire sign of a show that;s extremely well written and well acted by those oh so beautiful young people!! Mystic Falls is the place to be!!!
  23. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    Here Comes Peter Cottontail

    Looks like the Canucks are still going Doc!!! I suppose the Sharks will just have to go through Detroit and then see off Vancouver if my prediction of a final appearance is to come true!!
  24. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    We'll Have A lIve Replay Of That Later

    Prince Phil is my favourite royal, the man should try stand up!! take a look at a few of his gaffes......... http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/416992.stm
  25. Gaius Paulinus Maximus

    True Blood

    I love a bit of True Blood. Blood and gore, hot vampire chicks and "Fang Bangers" as they are known in the show, werewolves, shape shifters, fairies and not to mention the surprisingly addictive storylines too! The second series has just finished over here, can't wait for the next one to kick in! What will they come up with next??? While we're on the subject of Vampires, anyone watch The Vampire Diaries?? I know its aimed at teenagers and I'm an adult (my wife thinks thats debatable!) but I love this show, I suppose you could call it my guilty secret/pleasure!!!