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  1. I've read that Caesars legion the Third Gallica turned once in battle is this true? I mean he was Caesar how did this happen? until proven otherwise im beginning to think it is a very bad hoax in order to destroy his commanding capabilities could someone please shed some ligt on this please
  2. Alexander conquered half the world b y the age of thirty Caesar killed a million men in Gaul in ten years Alexander had more men Caesar had harder opposition with the Germanic Tribes and the Gaul warriors Alexander was a king and could do whatever he please Caesar had to race against time at any moment he could be recalled to Rome Both were victims of Assasination who was the greater commander Caesar I Think
  3. Ciro

    Greatest Roman Figure

    u cannot go past caesar skilled orator and politician Probably the greatest general in Roman history but will recieve some stiff competition from the likes of Scipio and Pompey Conquered half the known world in his time second only to Alexander i think but that is quite a jump coz Alexander was a freak of nature the question is not who is a the greatest roman but who was greater Alexander or Caesar???
  4. question? how can the roman army not be effective? according to many people the roman army under ceasar killed a million men in gaul. comprehend the number 1,000,000 me thats a lot of men back in thier day that was rome several times over even more
  5. Ciro

    Caesar: Hero Or Villain

    I have recently read a series of books documenting the life of Julius Ceasar. They sparked my imagination and i sought to find out more about the tyrranical leader of the Roman Republic. These books were fiction and were based loosely on his life. I was curious about a few facts stated in these books. Ws Caesar a military general who had no equal other than Alexander? Was the collapse of the Republic solyly Ceasar's fault or did he have help in that? How far did he a Brtus go back? And Finally During the Gaelic Wars did Ceasar really kill a million me? I have searched fruitlessly for an answer to these questions and i havent found one convincing enough, can anyone help me???